MLK Celebration? Where? When?

We always hear it called the ‘MLK Celebration’, but I’m not sure what there is to celebrate? I went with my daughter last night to the ‘MLK Parade’ and it was a truly sad sack affair.

At the chapel many were already leaving by the time we pulled up trailing at the end of the walk, and one Black man was telling another that he was a Republican. And of course there was the Obama people, who I didn’t have the heart to talk about Ronald Reagan’s legacy with them. And there were the prayers and a video of Martin addressing a big crowd in the past. Why the ‘celebration’ though? Where was the celebration in all this?

How about a Malcolm X Celebration? Make him the center of a national holiday where George W. Bush could talk about he was such a big hero to the American people. I mean, why pick on poor old Martin Luther King like our society does annually? Rosa Parks Day Celebration anybody? Let’s turn them all into Gods, and not just Martin.

Actually I think Martin Luther King was probably a hero. The same nitwitty, praying-all-the-time types that he is now a god to, were people he had to work with all the time back when he was alive. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! He was a miracle man this MLK to get these types of people to do anything.

And he really didn’t. It was rioters and Jewish communists who really helped the cause out the most. And poor folk who got the shit kicked out of them by White thugs calling themselves police. The religious crowd back then didn’t do much more than the religious crowd does today, and today they barely get out of the church doors to do much more than shop. And back then it was mainly the same, I believe.!!!

MLK is like Lenin’s body, it’s time to bury him and let him rest in peace. We need to make a real celebration and not just a fossilized one. Not a celebration of a dream not achieved, since MLK would not be celebrating if he was around today.

MLK was a leader who they wanted to break and brake the crowds back then, but he wouldn’t do so. So today, they use him dead to do what he wouldn’t do for the big shots back then. MLK Celebration? What’s there to celebrate?

2 thoughts on “MLK Celebration? Where? When?

  1. A friend of mine calls it “James Earl Ray Day.” Yes we honor MLK’s birthday, not his assassination, but would there have been a beatification of King but for Ray?

  2. How about honoring all the folk that rallied and fought against slavery, genocide, and racial and gender discrimination throughout US history with a national holiday? Instead, we get this deified image of MLK. He himself would not have wanted this.

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