Money for COS buses is going to HWY 24

COLORADO SPRINGS- Instead of spending a quarter Billion (minimum bid) to widen two miles of HWY 24, they should/could but probably ain’t would spend half that and double the number of bus routes.

Y’all do realize that the widening of the road is for the people who are building their multi-million dollar houses on the side of the mountain, (the ones that are going to slide into Bear Creek, mountain ground isn’t all that stable, especially when you modify it) and for the dumbasses who are going to get sucked in to Our Very Own Local Love Canal aka the “luxury apartments” they’re fixing to install on top of that toxic waste dum(b)p… no question mark because it isn’t a question.

Folks in Teller and Park counties (the loudmouths who think they run the counties) are yelling that opposition to the widening the road is hurting them… or at least, the developers.

They don’t have enough water in those counties to support the current populations.

But like the song sayeth,

“why they tried to tear the mountain down, to bring in a couple more..
More people, more scars upon the land”

Oh, and lest some of the people who haven’t read what all else was written about that particularly huge monstrous sore spot are browsing, that “road improvement” won’t actually benefit the Teller and Park county folks, it ends up at the corner of HWY 24 and 24W-Business… where the Sinclair station is… right by the big plastic dinosaur… which in turn is right behind the BUS stop.

1 thought on “Money for COS buses is going to HWY 24

  1. Yo BJ,
    You are correct, more public buses & bike lanes would be wonderful. Keep putting the news out so the word can get out.

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