Earth Play

Calling Mr.Green Jeans! Calling Mr. Green Jeans! It’s Earth Play soon, a day for pretense that corporate America really, really cares about the environment. You personally might even get a free day pass from the Gestapo if you go smoking organic on Earth Play! …Yeah, this Earth Day, why don’t we scrape Off the Greenwash some?

Earth Play is now 24/ 7 though. Everybody is doing it! I wouldn’t be surprised if the funeral industry doesn’t soon get into the act soon! The military already has, and soon the police might be getting electrical vehicles, hybrids, or even hydrogen celled ones! The Taser is green, not gas powered! Solar panels for The Supermax, Anybody? Hey, some at the J$P might even bite! I know they would.

The J$P is Greeeen! The T-shirts are greeeeen. The hug fest is getting greeeener! Earth Play is the Fun Way and it’s green. Give me a Green Mac with Secret Corporate Sauce, please. Meanwhile, nature keeps a dying off. Make that murdered off. Earth Play won’t work.

3 thoughts on “Earth Play

  1. Yo Doctor Tony,
    What would you have us local PPJPC folks do? What are you doing, Dr Tony? Bring your ideas to the our PPJPC & share them.

  2. ‘Us’? You drip the insincerity of a thug, George. You are not a member of the PPJPC. You are pro-war and pro-injustice, too.

  3. Yo Tony,
    Again Thug hmmmm we need to work on your word list. I am a member of PPJPC, Tony. Long before you come by. Pro-war? When it is the last resort, Yep I am. Pro-injustice? Not sure what that covers but would have to say I am for justice for all folks. I do agree with most of the PPJPC ideas other than war. For me Tony, there are JUST wars around the world. When one group is being raped and murdered someone must step in & talk just does not do it. Action first, hopefully talk later.

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