More outrageous fight-pickin’ speech about Chambliss…

It’s a strong case of poke-poke-poke at him with a stick in the hopes that he’ll go ballistic.
Or any of his supporters, especially locally.

Like when I point out that the “medical problems” that kept him from joining Martin and Cleland in Viet-Nam was this strange yellowish rash on his abdomen and running from his neck to his buttocks along his spine.

I don’t mind people not going to war, in fact I encourage people not to go to war. Where it starts to bug me is when they develop mystery illnesses like Spinal Jaundice (Chambliss) rectal pimple Limbaugh, Mormon Missionary Duty Romney, Too Stupid to find his way to the recruiters office Giuliani…

And then insist that Other People have a duty to go to Viet-Nam or Iraq, in place of their coward arses.
Is it a personal attack against the “man”? Hell yes.

Resoundingly and Proudly YES!!

Just like that other protegé of McBush Jr and Karl Rove, Not-Joe the Not-a-REAL-Plumber, who also is conveniently not serving in the War he Claims to support…

Both of the chickenshit grovelling toadie bastards also use Claims to be Heirs to the Confederacy as well, trying to put themselves up front as Real Macho He-Man Warrior Class individuals…

When they’re essentially loud-mouthed cowards.

I hear tell that Chambliss’ REAL great great grandpappy was a Carpetbagger from New Jersey.

See, it used to be that Southern Gentlemen would be so offended by being characterized like that they would challenge you to a Duel, swords or pistols at sunrise, My Second will be Calling on you, Suh…

Or take another slug of ‘shine and jump up and attempt to beat the living dogshit out of you.

I don’t think either of these Faux-Confederate “Heroes” would do anything that would put themselves in physical danger though.

Nor would any of the wannabees who have bumper stickers saying “I’m voting for Joe the Plumber”.

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