The Thai Monarchist mob

Thai kingWe have been watching from afar the activities of the Thai Monarchist mob as they have occupied Bangkok’s airport and received the complicit support of the Thai military, which refused to disperse them. This has been no ‘people’s protest’ at all but rather a Right Wing mob, all comparable to the one the US mobilized recently in Eastern Bolivia to try to divide Bolivia into two parts and remove Evo Morales from power there.

‘Dissolution of the ruling People Power Party (PPP) will heal none of the basic rifts between Bangkok’s royalist elite and middle classes, who despise ousted and exiled leader Thaksin Shinawatra, and the urban poor and rural masses who love him and continue to vote his allies into office.’ (taken from the Reuter’s report Thai protesters lift airport siege

Around the world not all mobilizations are for the people from the people at all. In Colombia, the Right Wing death squad government, too, was able to mobilize millions of common citizens into the streets in support of their corrupt government fairly recently. Unfortunately this Thai mob is mobilizing people in support of a Monarchy and the King, and there can be nothing more reactionary in this day and time than that.

More from Reuters below…


The PAD, led by a group of royalist businessmen, academics and activists, formally marked the end of the occupation by singing the king’s anthem. Ominously, the PAD protesters vow to return if they see Thaksin allies getting near power again.

“I am sad that we are going,” said Ranatip, 48, an unemployed office assistant. “But I am ready to fight for my king and my country. I will come back as soon as I am needed.”

These people are sick. They are united in wanting to keep Thailand’s poor as poor as they can make them. Thailand’s class divisions and caste system isn’t quite as horrible as India’s but it is still pretty damn bad.

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