Nicaragua Nicaraguita!

Nicaragua Nicaraguita! Me and my kid will be heading out South in a couple of days to visit my good friend, Rafael, in his native land. We are both very excited to have the opportunity to visit with him once again, and wish him the right to visit with us in Colorado Springs again, too. We are all one people!

NOTE*** The music in this video is now practically the official national anthem of Nicaragua,and rightfully so. Would that We the People of the United States, had a national song that was as beautiful as Nicaragua Nicaraguita. Instead, all we have is our ode to the military, The Blood Stained Banner. It is a shame.

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6 Responses to Nicaragua Nicaraguita!

  1. Avatar Marie says:

    Very cool, Tony! Nicaragua looks really beautiful in the video. I hope you have a fantastic trip and you hear Nicaragua Nicaraguita everywhere you go!

  2. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo Tony,
    Have a safe trip. You are right, we are all one people. Your Nicaragua friend & the US military. Glad you can agree on that one. From his NEOCON friend here tell him OhLa for me. Take pictures, maybe we can view them when you 2 get back.
    your favoright neocon. retired army combat officer & fellow Texican.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The US army blew his arm off, George.

  4. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo Tony.
    Sorry to hear that. But bring him anyway. Still welcom here. Things happen, life does go on and wish him only the best. Wonder how the army blew off his arm.

  5. Avatar tony logan says:

    You are surprisingly ignorant about the US military despite spending your life inside it, Coronel.

  6. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo Tony,
    Thanks for the promotion. I was just a humble Major, serve and protect folks like you. Eric & BJ. Did a good job huh, cause we are all still free. Just so you know I had a TS, NATO, CRYPTO, ATOMIC, NSA-SI clearance. So know a bit. Was in the ASA too. And again best wishes to your friend, hope to meet him when he comes to the USA. Sorry about his hurt.
    Safe trip,

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