No fishing

no-fishing.jpg Everywhere life is under attack despite our sweet little Colorado license plates urging us to ‘respect life’. Unfortunately though, there is little in capitalism that does respect life much, whether it be human life or other. If we did respect life, then we wouldn’t have allowed our world wilderness areas to be reduced to ashes and ruins. We would not have allowed our oceans, rivers, and lakes to be degraded. We would not have allowed THEM to degrade US, since how can a degraded population really not turn around and degrade other forms of life, too?

One form of life we are in increasing danger of losing is fish. Fish may soon become a thing of the past for most of us in our food chain. The day of the cheap tuna or cheap sardine may be soon gone for good. Many of our water ways may soon become dead zones, as many already are. Just how bad is the situation now?

‘Only 50 years left’ for sea fish says it all, and the situation in fresh water is no better. See Silent Streams? Escalating Endangerment For North American Freshwater Fish We take no action to stop this destruction of fish life simply because most people are too busy defending the society they live in rather than trying to change it.

But look what is being defended here? Our neighbors are defending the extermination of life by their defense of the status quo. Soon there will be no fishing and it will be because most of us played stupid for so very long. I will miss the fish, as so too will your children and their children, too. Destruction of life is permanent, and this will be the legacy of the capitalist system on our planet. The legacy will be dead zones and desolation. Time is about out.

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