What does 9/11 have to do with this?

soldier praying9/11 has become the essential cornerstone of the new fusion of US imperialism, US Christian neo-theocracy, and US racism. God supposedly has chosen a victimized nation to become his Chosen People, etc. and so on. Evil Muslim Arab Devils lurk in the shadows and want the blood of good Christians and their Jewish servants. God Bless America!

Eric and I got a first hand glimpse of this current political theocracy in action at the Colorado Springs municipal government meeting this Tuesday, where 9/11 served to serve up an even bigger than normal dose of Pledge of Allegiance loyalism, pre-meeting prayer, and verbal hypocrisy. They even had a giant harp there on hand to make it all even more heavenly, I guess for the theocrats that run the city government here in the city? It was surreal and I stayed outside in the halls to keep from churning my lunch back up.

Eric proposed that the city look into why it’s police removed him and Peter illegally away from a political activity they and others were protesting, and then later harassed him and Peter legally for several months all in order to finally drop the framed up charges altogether? He linked it to the same sort of abuse of police power used against Democracy Now and Amy Goodman at the Republican Convention.

I used my time to ask that the city council members take their responsibility seriously as government leaders to pass a municipal resolution condemning the federal torture of US government held POWs, their illegal detention for years without charges, and their transport to foreign countries for torture there, too. All I got for my efforts was total silence as Republican Mayor Lionel Rivera chimed in about how he supported these abuses by the US military, while the other city council people sat by stupidly.

These Right Wing Americans, both Democratic and Republican Party leaders, use 9/11 to justify everything these days, no matter how backward and unconnected from 9/11. For example, what does 9/11 have to do with re-arming Georgia or putting missile systems into Poland and The Czech Republic? What does 9/11 have to do with the US government supporting and fomenting civil war in countries as diverse as Pakistan, Bolivia, the Caucasus region, Iran, China, and Ukraine? But 9/11 is the catch word for all of this, as the vacuous Global War on Terrorism forgets to target terrorists at all, but instead moves against everybody, everywhere, and at everytime!

Yes, 9/11 is also the excuse to move against the US population itself, as the stop terrorism line got reduced down to accusing protesters of planning to use urine and shit to terrorize just who at the ruling parties conventions? It doesn’t matter any more just how stupid and illogical and unbelievable all this really is anymore. We’re on Green light, Yellow light, Red light bullshit all the time.

So on this 9/11 worship day, ask yourselves….

Are you still proud to be an American?

If you are, then you are a real nitwit. This country is on the wrong track and you know it!

5 thoughts on “What does 9/11 have to do with this?

  1. “God save the Red Queen and her running mate, Genghis Khan!”

    Geesh, this gets old.

    No matter how tragic 9/11 – it’s not the cause of everything nor example of everything. 9/11 was not the beginning of an end or the end of a beginning. 9/11 wasn’t Pearl Harbor and certainly isn’t PERL software. 9/11 was a bad date, a bad event, a bad outcome. No one liked it – no one ever will.

    Think it over. Mark the day. Not the populous.

    Tony is right. One way to improve America would be to maintain a respect (and reform) towards one of it’s most basic of founding principals:

    separation of church and state.

    Personal faith – of any kind – is a form of motivation and hope. Personal faith – is entirely unique, filled with distinctions that vary person to person and common only in it’s desire for the progress and well-being for ALL.

    Let’s stop the double-talk and consider the options…

    Either create laws to full business tax (and penalty) on the churchs and all their subdivisions of commerce


    remove religious abuse from the government by regulating towards EQUALITY FOR ALL.

    Supporting equality is not the overturn of democracy – but safeguards both the government and populous from pandering towards the demographic stick-shifts of whose religion, when and how.

    If Americans have decided they no longer wish to support or regulate to avert religious tyranny from within….

    …then it’s time that Americans admit we were founded on false pretense. From 1776 to now, we have been lying to ourselves. We sure owe a helluva lot of backtaxes to England. Ouch!!!!

    Make the peace. Keep the peace.

  2. Focus on the (yer own damn) Family is a business, a Consulting and Lobbying Firm that makes a literally Hellacious Profit (prophet?) using Christ’s name to cover their blasphemy AND their legitimate tax liability.

  3. Hey, if I put “Three Cups of Tea” in the comment, like I just did, it might invite more people, mostly those who really really need to see the message, actually to read it…

    That’s almost an good a subversive tactic as doping the water supply with an IQ increasing drug.

    or increasing the funding for Public Education.

  4. Thanks Jonah for adding your comments. It’s that kind of exempt expansion that becomes contentious. The group you mention definitely threw rocks at me prior. No focus whatsoever – up close and en masse, it felt like a shotgun blast straight from the banjos of Deliverance.

    Only when I consider the infirmed do I subscribe to broadcast evangalisticic principals, but without the Dial-A-Dollar, Buy-A-Blessing fund-a-mentality. Then again, Student Aid is fund-a-mentality, too. So?

    “Cast the first stone and caste the second” is rarely a solution for anything.

    Moving further from 9/11…. and Colorado Springs, and closer to that which I debate with myself about Separation of Church and State matters…

    What happens if churches lose tax-exemption for lacking integrity within?

    I’m in favor of non-profit charity. PETA was a grass-root once. And years ago someone had the idea for the Red Cross.

    What is the source of charitible humanitarian wishes, and who is to decide whether it’s fountain or dam?

    If religious charity was blocked – the same bureaucratic problems remain. The Moorland Beeclub, with their time and money, would probably aim the most of their honey to their own bee-stings, while clubbing for seals in their SUVs of commitment. Broad-minded, but it’s the same potential razor and political crewcut.

    Do Jerry’s Kids grow up to compete with KIDS, the U.K charity for the disabled?? In many ways, with the limited dollar of charity is what makes or breaks most groups – even those of similar nature.

    Separation of Church and State seems an issue of both inner cooperation and outside assessment. The churches really need to consider their actions as well as the political machine, and populous.

    Otherwise, it could easily become a trial on humanitarianism. I would hate to see that happen. Does anyone else have comments or suggests?

    The watersheds will always need some patching.

    Let’s stop the bloodshed of war.

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