Palin/Stevens ticket Loses in Alaska, America WINS- Big Time.

Even if you’re convinced that it’s all symbolism anyway. It’s really contrarian of me as judged by D or R standards, but the main reason we win is because the Ice Princess Barbie has no chance now of getting into the halls of Federal Power.

Al Franken of Minnesota is putting some seriously advanced Whoopage on Norm Coleman, a Republican Incumbent whose campaign was based not on any accomplishment of his own, but on trashing Al Franken.

His campaign is nearly as nasty and Hate-filled as Palin’s was.

and then… There’s Georgia…

How can you describe Chambliss, a man who couldn’t get a majority in GEORGIA, Greater Redneckistan, because he is so repulsive.

Somebody who, if you threw him into a Tankful of Live Great White Sharks they would throw him back, with a court order for Cease and Desist, because they won’t Eat Junk food and we should stop dumping garbage in their dinner bowl.

One Republican comment on another website got my attention “Al Franken and Begich winning the recounts is “what I fear the most…” and “my only hope is that Chambliss wins in Georgia”

They’re so TERRIFIED of “That One” having such a consensus in Congress they would hold their noses and vote for Chambliss.

It’s (almost) expected that people on anti-war bulletin boards and blogs would dismiss the notion of somebody having his legs and one arm blown off in a war automatically making him a hero.

I think it’s a tragic reminder of what war is like, and aside from 9/11 people like Max Cleland are our only daily reminder of how badly war affects a Nation.

But Chambliss is a ChickenHawk. He proudly claims to have supported the Viet-Nam war, just, you know, not with his presence.

And proudly supports the current wars, just, you know, not with his presence.

Or, since he’s a U.S. senator, not with funding for rehabilitation of the people who DO go “over there” and leave pieces of themselves before coming back. Or for their long term health care, education, things like that.

Believes that “Born on the Fourth of July” is a Commie Propaganda play, and that Ron Kovic deserves far worse treatment than he got.

…and likewise Max Cleland, because Cleland spoke against going to war in Iraq.

Fellow Republican Senator John McCain, who rode the War Hero Horse into politics, gave him a stern tsk-tsk’ing for his slanderous attacks on Cleland.

And now, when it’s politically convenient for him to do so, is joining his Accomplice Chambliss in continuing such attacks. Against a fellow Viet-Nam veteran named Jim Martin.

Real Republican “moral values” in action.

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