Greed is the true Republican religion

The Wimpocrats voted to let Traitor Lieberman keep his committee chair. If you thought that Obama winning meant the Dems had somehow become vertebrate, you could not have been more wrong.

Vice President and Mafia Don Dick Cheney indicted for organized crime. New office pool: on what date will Bush pardon his partner in crime?

Holy Crap. American Family Assn. selling burning cross lawn decoration.

After wave of hijackings, Indian navy destroys pirate ship. Think about that: The US Navy is the largest in the world, and was created specifically to stop piracy. Yet they sit on their butts and do nothing except spend a hundred billion dollars a year of taxpayer money, while one of the smallest navies in the world actually succeeds in combating it, with just a handful of boats.

"Man never worshipped anything but himself." –Sir Richard Francis Burton

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Nov 19 notes,

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