Predatory bank strikes again…

They might try to sue me, but I don’t owe them any money… mainly because I was a) never dumb enough to fall for their shit and b) didn’t have any property to triple-lien mortgage in order to get one of their loans.

Talking, of course, about Countrywide.

THE major player in the subprime mortgages >selling those mortgages for stock options > getting the Yankee government to bail their thieving asses out (but not the people whose mortgages they’re foreclosing)

They’re all over Cable TeeVee now, pushing their same old Bill Consolidation Loan, (available, of course, only to homeowners)

And where are they getting the bread to buy up more homes at a discount rate?

Could it possibly be that multi-hundred billion dollar bailout “our” president gave them?

Yeppers, true American “Conservative” values in action. Spend your way out of debt.

Sincerest apologies if this seems repetitive… but sometimes the madness they’re pulling is so damned unbelievable you have to write it out or speak it out loud, just to focus on the fact that it is actually REAL.

They’re redefining the classic definition of Chutzpah.

1 thought on “Predatory bank strikes again…

  1. Yo BJ,
    Only thing I can say is that these people knew one day their loan was due & would go up. Still that took it. No fair for me to have to use our tax money to bail them out. Know what i mean. Fair is fair. No one MADE them sign on the line & accept the deal. Their greed for more let them do this – now they have to pay. Hopefull they will learn you dont get something for nothing & READ the small print.

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