The Dalai Lama in Seattle

George Bush confers with the Dalai LamaThe Dalai Lama has just descended from the heavens into a football stadium in Seattle where he gave a seemingly peaceful and non-violent message. His demands for Tibetan autonomy are reasonable enough on the surface, and he has also spoken out against a boycott of the Chinese Olympic games, unlike Harry Potter (authoress Rollings), who has just this weekend called for the assemblage of an army of wizards from his (her) home in England, to attack the Chinese devils with mass condemnation and mass magical incantations. The Dalai Lama in Seattle prefers the spiritual approach though.

The problem is, what exactly is the Dalai Lama doing by coming to venues like middle class America’s Seattle? What is it he hopes to find there, instead of say in Lagos, Nigeria, Dhaka, Bangladesh, or Cairo or Bogota? In short, what’s he doing in Rome? Trying to get the ear of the World’s Emperor perhaps? And of course, we know that The Emperor commands legions of troops. Wonder if any of that has effected the spiritual style of the Dalai?

We also want the Tibetans to have autonomy but are not pushing for the independence of Tibet from China, and that is the exact same position the Dalai Lama is currently taking. So then we would agree nominally with the Dalai Lama about this. But let us also think about Tibet a little in more detail then.

In fact, the Tibetans already do have an independent state in the Himalayas, and it is called Bhutan. There, the Tibetan Buddhists have been about as cruel to the non Tibetan community as they think the Chinese are to them in China. Out of a population of less than 1,000,000 the dominant Tibetan Buddhist Bhutanese government managed to expel, in the last decade or so, about 100,000 Nepalese residents from Bhutan. Oh, where, oh what, is the Dalai Lama’s position on those events?

One of the complaints of the Chinese based Tibetans is their lack of linguistic autonomy compared to the Chinese of China themselves. There is a problem for the Chinese government though. Out of the 51 Tibetan language dialects for a population of some several millions, how many should the Chinese make efforts to keep these languages on an equal status with Chinese, say? It would be interesting to know how many of the American fans of the Dalai Lama speak any of these Tibetan dialects/ languages?

This drama will continue. Americans are not really adept in participating in the Chinese propaganda machine, and the Chinese are not adept in representing themselves well in the Anglo corporate media disinformation machine either. Of course, the Chinese are not demanding that the US government respect the autonomy of the Black American community or the various Native American communities. Imagine if the Black Community had ‘autonomy’ over the US prison industrial complex? The Chinese should demand autononmy for America’s racial and national minorities. And they should economically boycott the US until the US government accedes to their just demands.

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  1. Thank you, Denk, for posting this commentary by Michel Chossudovsky. I happen to also agree that both China and Russia are the current main targets of the bipartisan US government foreign policy of aggressively trying to control declining world natural resources.

    Instead of trying to change our economic elite’s aggressive misuse of nature’s resources, the US government is intent on a military fight to insure that only these US elites can continue to run the world as a whole. Russian and Chinese nationalisms are now seen as our own US elite’s main enemies, even if ‘world communism’ is not.

    As a result, look for more US and Western corporate media efforts to dirty and tarnish the Chinese and Russian governments’ image throughout the world. They will use any and everything to work to do this. Ultimately, the US government hopes to militarily defeat both China and Russia as well.

  2. **As a result, look for more US and Western corporate media efforts to dirty and tarnish the Chinese and Russian governments’ image throughout the world**

    instigating ethnic violence in a sovereign country is an act of war by any standard, uncle sham has not only gotten away with it, china is now the international pariah,

    looks like nobody is going to stop the “world cop” now.

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