RepubliKlan Propagandists show their true colors… with the help of “Uncle” Thomas…

You know, until November 4th, the saying “America, where ANY kid can grow up to become President” was rightfully regarded as bull.

Like the “but some are more equal than others” caveat, this one had “…as long as the kid is White, Male, has a British Surname and is born wealthy. Patents of Royalty are considered a bonus even the connection between Bush and Vlad Dracula”

Now, many thanx to “Uncle” Thomas and the other Supremes, the duly elected Next President of the United States is being challenged in court, much like the Sore Loser RepubliKlan did in 2000 by George Bush’s brother filing a lawsuit to stop a fair count of the ballots.

Judicial Activism is only abhorred by these so-called “Conservatives” when it’s being used to uphold the Rights of all Americans.

Brown v Tqoeka, Miranda, Ruiz v Estelle, for instance.

They’re more comfortable with Dred Scott and the “separate but equal” fiction.

The case they’re considering in a Special Session, the tinfoil-hat theories


First that President-elect Obama was born in Kenya and smuggled to Hawaii.

That would only make sense if Momma Obama had planned to run him for President, and remember, this was in the early 60s, when Lynch Law was really really common.

That one is being dismissed out of hand.

The other theory the Supremes are debating is that even though he WAS born in America and IS an American citizen, his father having British Citizenship (not Kenyan as one might expect) somehow makes President-Elect Obama into a Second Class citizen, ineligible for the full rights and privileges accorded to other citizens.

Separate and Un-Equal.all over again…

Not surprising that not only did the RepubliKlan Klandidates Palin and McCain keep referencing the difference between REAL (white) Americans and “the others who aren’t as real or aren’t as American”, But Also their most Rabid Supporters are saying that slavery was a good thing and that the descendants of slaves should be GRATEFUL for it.

And, they have the Same Supremes who overturned the Will of the People in 2000 poised to create a precedent where nobody is considered equal unless he has special permission from Their Ruling Class.

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