Right-to-Work-for-Less goons circulating

As crowds collected to see the parade yesterday, vultures circled Acacia Park to collect signatures for their RIGHT-TO-WORK [FOR LESS] BALLOT INITIATIVE. Sure enough, they were describing it as a proposal to give employees the right to decide if they want a union. As opposed to a law which would further hamper the ability to organize unions, backed nationally by corporate interests, and backed locally by American Furniture Warehouse slime-ball Jake Jabs. The two petitioners I saw were young men, who spoke glibly when I interjected that their proposal would do the opposite of what they claimed. The UFCW hopes you can call their FRAUD WATCH HOTLINE if you witness this kind of misrepresentation. Call 303.936.0766 to report fraudulent petitioners. I would snap a cellphone pic of the miscreants and threaten to post it if they do not amend their sales pitch.

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