Rodeo just says “No” to cattle prod (allegations)

According to a screamin’ big headline in todays Gag-zette.

And just last year we had a miniature debate with some woman who said that using things like a rope tied around the testicles or touching the genitalia or rectum of an animal with some high-amp low-voltage charges wouldn’t cause the animal any Pain.

I really do envy the Dr Doolittle types, the ones who can get word straight from the horses mouth that, ‘why no, Little Missy, it doesn’t hurt us a bit to have our nutsacks squeezed…’

But unfortunately, I can’t understand Simplified Cattle or Horse Talk, so I’ll just have to judge by the way their eyes roll and the high pitched screaming noises they make, and the way they suddenly go berzerk and try to KILL somebody immediately following these “painless” procedures.

And, going by that evidence, I can state with absolute confidence that, why yes, Little Missy, that shit really does hurt.

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