Bigger gun nuts taking aim at Obama

NRA adJust what is the NRA hoping to convey with this ad? Does this depict a typical gun enthusiast? It sure resembles a Cracker out of Deliverance, armed to the teeth, looking to hunt someone down.

I read: PWT with HPR on ATV waiting for MLK.

(Does he have binoculars? A blind? He’s not even hiding behind a roadside billboard as he watches for what passes by.) This mounted guard’s vigilant pose projects deterrence. If the photo caught him in motion, we wouldn’t know. He looks out, like a southern highway trooper perhaps, toward a northerner who might wander where he doesn’t belong.

American white racists have been threatening black leaders since how long? Why pay attention to the threat now? I heard it conjectured that making hay about the white supremacy lunatics is a message of deterrence to Obama voters. I think it’s a message to Obama.

Southern white shooters haven’t just targeted black activists, they’ve shut down progressive voices. Kennedy comes to mind, an example maybe of a president who wasn’t dancing with them that brought him.

Obama talks a militaristic game, he dutifully passes the dough to Wall Street, he doesn’t preach single payer health care, or reform of big pharma, chem-agra, or big oil. But we know he’s bright, and perhaps a good many of us hope he has something up his sleeve. And every so often, the powers that be have to let their hit-men dogs out, to remind anyone with big ideas to toe the line, that change will not be tolerated.

12 thoughts on “Bigger gun nuts taking aim at Obama

  1. Gun-nuts aren’t the problem. It’s the anti-gun-nuts who’re the issue. Those people want things to be like in Europe, where the law-abiding citizens have been disarmed and where the crime rates are rising.

    The photo itself, to me, looks like a hunter heading out or coming back from a stand. You should see hunters here in Europe. They’re similar, just that they’re not riding quads. At least, they’re similar right now, cause the EU wants to tighten gunlaws up to a point where hunters will require a permit to carry a loaded weapon.

  2. I don’t care if this guy is mowing his lawn. The point is, he looks menacing, maybe because he’s looking off in the same direction as his high-powered rifle. The NRA might have chosen a less threatening sports-person if they wanted to avoid this stereotype.

  3. Say, Murdoc and TakeKaze, maybe you would sell me a couple of guns?

    I mean, since you’re all for everybody having one…

    If he’s heading back from his blind he didn’t have any luck, then, did he?

    Probably has something to do with the smell of Gasoline, see, deer and other animals have really really sharp noses…

    If he had that hog parked anywhere near his blind, well, let’s just say he would have better luck hunting road-kill or maybe his neighbor’s dog.

    Or his neighbor, I understand we taste like pork.

    In fact one of the Polynesian terms for Human is “long pig”.

    Actually, though, you wouldn’t need to sell me a gun.

    When the time comes that I need one, there’ll be plenty of Martial Law enforcers and/or Minutemen for me to bushwack.

    I’ll pick one out and have HIS guns… all of them.

    And his cash, if his clothes fit me I’ll have them too, His ATV as well.

    He won’t be needing any of them anyway.

    Maybe take his widow too.

  4. So, how many European churches, shopping malls, universities, high schools, kindergartens, Nursing Homes, parks, the list goes on, have been shot up by otherwise “Law Abiding” usually men who one day decided to go Hunting for people?

  5. The point is, he looks menacing,

    *That’s* the point? Are you kidding me? The fact that he *looks menacing* is your point?

    Book. Cover. Judge?

    That’s very adult of you.

  6. Since when does a clip fed automatic rifle or shotgun, or even the optional drum feeds for one, transform one into a Mighty Hunter or even Macho?

    Like the fellow in Knoxville who Took His Little Pop Gun to church.

    Thought he was gonna shoot him some Defenseless liberals who would no doubt be cowering before his Mighty Gun as he mercilessly mowed them down…

    Was taking aim at the kids on stage, now, there’s a Good, Stout, Big Brave Badass Republican for you…

    and got wrestled down and his gun taken from him.


    Main problem being the two AMERICANS he murdered.

    I’m certain the NRA is proud of his performance.

    I mean, up until the Liberals wrestled him down and took his Great Big Macho Penis-Replacement away from him.

    Of course the “Terrorist” liberals didn’t kill him on the spot.

    Must be some kind of lie that Rush is spreading about Liberals = Terrorism.

    Wouldn’t be the only lie told by the Right Wing.

    Of course, I should point out, AGAIN, now that we seem to have the attention of the Wrong Wing…

    Millions of well trained, healthy young men have been Killed while holding Firearms just in the last century.

    Taking up a gun for defense makes you more of a target, and increases the odds of you dying violently.

    A much higher percentage of people carrying firearms get killed by gunfire than the percentage of people NOT carrying firearms getting killed by gunfire.

    Take that lightly, take that mockingly, but you’ll just have to Take it.

    Eat it and smile.

  7. Let’s say for a moment that you’re right about that:

    A much higher percentage of people carrying firearms get killed by gunfire than the percentage of people NOT carrying firearms getting killed by gunfire.

    I don’t see what your problem with people carrying guns is, then. Don’t carry a gun, you’ll be statistically safer. Let me carry mine, I’ll be statistically in more danger.

    It sounds like you’ve got no problem with that. I sure don’t.

  8. You idiots. Eric & Jonah… not sure what planet you guys are from. Air must be thin there.

  9. ooohhh Name Calling…

    Gee, that was mature.

    Murdoc, would you pop off a firearm in a city?

    It would be really stupid.

    The ones who aren’t carrying guns and get shot anyway, usually that’s the way that happens, not a deliberate act, but some dumbass who believes that the bullet is going to stop when it hits the intended target.

    Or has the really absurd notion that he can always hit the target at which or whom he’s aiming.

    So, unless you really are stupid enough to discharge a firearm in an urban area, what’s the Air Force term again “Target Rich Zone” something like that…

    thus put a whole lot of your fellow Americans at risk just so YOU, personally, can feel Macho and not as frightened as you would be if you’re not packing heat,

    Then why carry one?

    The notion that it’s for “sportsmen” is bullshit, contrary even to the original reason for the NRA to be formed.

    It was founded by a Yankee colonel after he had watched so many unfamiliar with firearms Yankee soldiers get their asses shot off.

    Carrying a gun for “self defense” is worse than useless, and yeah, Murdoc, you do put my fellow Americans at risk by doing so.

    Even if the risk is greater for your own dumb ass.

    Tim T, grow up dude.

  10. You know, taking up arms against your fellow citizens, or really your fellow HUMANS, in general…

    That’s giving in to Fear and Fear, well, it rots your brain.

    That way lies Madness.

    The Gun is a very harsh taskmaster.

    Just knowing you have deadly force in your pocket or glove compartment or holster, and fearing a Nameless, Faceless “OTHER” who probably won’t every materialize…

    That’s as degenerative to the mind as methamphetamines.

    It builds paranoid fantasies, slowly or quickly, but you start to see more and more enemies in the people around you.

    That little old lady crossing the street, her cane might be a Concealed weapon, oh no oh no she’s looking my direction…. it’s cleverly disguised as checking the traffic to see if she has time to get across before the cars get to where she’s at… but she’s looking at ME omygod I hope I can get the gun out in time… and the cars slowing down, I bet the drivers are in on it too, they’re taking their signals from the Little Old Lady with the Killer Cane….

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