Role models defined loosely

Disney studio actress contracted for next five High School Musicals
Call me a prude, but I don’t think a children’s studio should renew the contract of a young actress who has adult photographs circulating on the web. Particularly if she’s meant to be a youth role model and especially if the wholesome character Vanessa Hudgens portrays is younger than her real-life age. Imagine if paparazzi caught Urkel or Gary Coleman drinking at a bar for example.
Likewise do you wonder if a pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears should retain her tweenager role at Nickelodeon’s Chastity High? How are young viewers to reconcile Zoey of abstinence 101 with the tabloids which will describe Zoey the young mother? Is it the unspoken result of a mindless sitcom episode they might have missed?
But I also find it unseemly for Disney Channel actresses to be mascara’d like Bratz Dolls. It’s the painted lady look. Where is the Disney piper leading our children? To the sex service industry?

6 thoughts on “Role models defined loosely

  1. How ironic…I can recall a certain green bookman mobile, known for children’s literacy, hhhmmm, last spring with placards posted in the windows announcing an estate sale….specifically nude models or relics of some sort….I found that very odd

  2. It’s really not a good thing to get into supporting censorship of actresses based on judging their supposed immorality or not?

  3. You need to get with the times, its not the 1950’s people wear make up. You also need to consider and sit with your children and say TV IS FAKE theres a concept. How about I follow you around for your hole life then when you do something private and naughty to turn your husband on and leak it on the Internet then call your workplace and they fire you because your job doesn’t promote your actions. Jamie spears? Shes having a baby do you have children? omg shes soo bad what does that make you? Your just scared to explain to your kids about the birds and the bee’s instead you’d rather complain about how bad she is when shes no different then you PEOPLE DO HAVE BABIES thats how your kids were made. People like you disgust me want to shield there kids from reality. What happens when your not around and mommy can’t cover up the REAL world when someone asks them to try drugs ? You are really setting your kids up with awesome skills to be independent. Instead go on like a broken soap opera soccer mom with nothing better to do. Read a book and put yourself in someone else’s shoes your babies aren’t babies forever they do grow up the longer you shield them the more trouble they will have handling there own issues. I am also assuming your parents did this to you thats why you turned out the way you did. Maybe a little shielding and leaving out certain details is the right thing to do instead of hiding the whole thing. Possibly tell them when two people love each other the man does something special to the women and she grows a baby. Then tell them when they are older they will know what the special thing is. Instead EVERYONE IS BAD they ARE HURTING YOUR BABIES EYES lmao Get REAL soccer mom. Your prollay the type who breaks for green lights or does 40 in the fast lane on the high way with a line of cars behind you flicking people off who pass you. Get with the times soccer mom live a little your hurting your kids. You need a real man in your life.

  4. Although I think shes mad that shes ugly and single. So men are the problems and everyone else and the ever changing society. (laughs out loud)

  5. this is a slutty pic u should get kicked off of high school musical… and troy should dump u… hahahahah slut slut slutty slut slut slut

  6. Tony is right. A blog like Not My Tribe that’s largely concerned with free speech should not get into the lurid debate of censorship, sexual stereotyping and sexual rights.

    Ideas like the above tract could easily be construed into concepts of misogyny and moral “right”. At best – it’s just ol’ reliable: double-talk of chastity belts while getting laid, a chivalrous sentimental flashback from mom and dad’s Duck and Cover days. Whatever the intent of such discussion, something inevitably will get lost in translation, and it’s guaranteed to end as a version of aversion and humility. Not sexy. Not loving. Far from intimacy’s real nature and needs – and topic.

    In many ways I’m prudish myself – but privately. Censorship discussions in this area always remind me of former incarnations of John “Queue the Public” Sutherz. The opinions want to suggest how we should dress our gonads, dress our role models, dress our culture, dress our minds, and all are dressed in restraint collars, leashes and whips to boot.

    …Leashes and whips to boot? Yum! Cologne d’Adolphe!

    (I love the smell of napalm in the morning.)

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