Democratic Party voters do not want a return to the Clintons, yet…

In a sure sign of how the Democratic Party is not a democratically run body at all, Hillary Clinton continues to seem to have a lock on the nomination.

Most Democratic Party voters simply do not want a return of the Clintons to power and certainly most voters as a whole do not want such. Yet the Clinton machine seems to be the ruling power in that party. Corporate money combined with undemocratic bureaucracy within the DP combine to overrule the people’s vote.

Let’s face it, Obama’s main appeal is simply that he is not a Clinton, and Edwards main ball and chain is that he was the VP candidate tied with Ketchup man Kerry. So that leaves it as to whether the Clinton machine can break Obama or not? I think the answer is that it can, and already has. Hillary Clinton has a lock on being the party’s ticket.

So where are all the Kucinich folk now? Where are those who always tell us that the only choice is the Democratic Party? They are stuck getting ready to tell us to return the Tweedle Dee to power as the Tweedle Dumb will seem just to horrid to imagine (to them). In short, liberals have already lost the election, and since they have put no effort into building a counter movement to corporate power in the electoral arena, their votes will not count except to be wasted on bringing slick Hillary to office. Once again, DP voting liberals will have helped build the charade and con that the US is a real democracy, when in fact it is not.

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