Sha’aria Palin…

Might not be here this morning. Apparently she’s flying back to Alaska because Baby Track is now being shipped off to the Meatgrinder she so whole-heartedly endorsed, When It Was Other Mothers’ Sons Being Sent.

On 9/11 how very symbolic…

Of course, if the Surge Is Working, Dammit!, like Sha’aria and McBush Jr keep insisting is the truth, why would Little Track be sent there? There would be no need.

Much like the Ft Carson soldier who was buried Monday. Allegedly, he was told that he didn’t need his Kevlar body armor because he was in a “Safe” area of Iraq. …hmmmm…

Don’t the “The Surge IS Working, Dammit!” professional (and amateur) Propagandists tell us that ALL of Iraq is now a “safe zone”?

Of course, the Army, strangely, aren’t on that particular bandwagon all the way.

They told the young mans family that there’s still no such thing as a Safe Zone there, and that Standing Operating Procedure is STILL “lock and load”, (rifles, shotguns and pistols with ammunition and a round in the chamber, ready to fire) Body Armor and Helmet securely fastened on.

That’s pretty extreme for a country which is Officially “Pacified”.

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