Irradiate the liars at the FDA

tomato berryMost of the food in the American diet is approved by the FDA for irradiation and chemotherapy treatments. Our fresh produce and meat are subjected to these invasive procedures 1) to kill microorganisms and other pathogens 2) to arrest or delay the ripening process 3) to act as a pesticide 4) to prevent spoilage or sprouting. Although they don’t say it explicitly, irradiation also masks serious sanitation problems in both farming and meat processing and provides greater immunity to the food industry executives who can claim that their products were “clean” when they left the facility.

The FDA has assured us over and over that the process of irradiation is completely safe. So safe, in fact, that consumers don’t even need to know which foods are exposed to ionizing radiation.

I think the FDA should define its terms. What do they mean by safe? Irradiation works by breaking down molecules and creating free radicals. Sure, the free radicals kill some bacteria, but they also damage vitamins and fragile enzymes. The free radicals can combine with existing chemicals in the food, like pesticides, to form new chemicals, called unique radiolytic products (URPs). Some of these URPs are known toxins like benzene and formaldehyde, and others are unique to the irradiated foods. Since they are unique, I guess we can assume they are safe.

After the anthrax scare a few years back, the US Postal Service began irradiating our mail. Because there is no danger in irradiating anything, least of all the mail, they were surprised when postal employees began to experience headaches, nausea, eye irritation, lightheadedness, nose irritation, and chest or throat tightness when processing irradiated mail. The USPS hired an industrial hygiene consultant who found elevated levels of carbon monoxide, ozone, chlorine, and other volatile organic chemicals in the work area. The USPS called OSHA.

Long and short of it, OSHA came in and did a bunch of tests. They found the same URPs that the consultant had identified, and quite a few more. But instead of addressing the dangers of mail irradiation, OSHA made the following recommendations:
1) “Air out” the mail before processing.
2) Monitor facilities for high concentrations of toxic chemicals/gases and, if found, try a change in handling methods or provide additional ventilation.
3) Keep a log to track health problems related to handling or being exposed to irradiated mail. Have the log reviewed periodically by an occupational medicine physician to look for trends or areas requiring further evaluation. (like maybe increased cancer rates or other pesky statistics)
4) Recommend that employees experiencing eye irritation use over-the-counter eye drops as often as necessary to relieve symptoms.

Can you believe it? OSHA sold the postal employees down the river so they could keep the irradiation-is-perfectly-safe lie going. I’m sure they weren’t given much leeway by the unscrupulous ignorant bastards at the FDA.

Scientists have known for years that irradiation causes food to become vitamin deficient which leaves well-fed bodies starved for nutrition. Irradiation deactivates food enzymes which affects the digestion process, which affects absorption of nutrients, which affects every cell in the human body. Irradiation damages the very DNA of not only the food, but also the bacteria it’s supposed to kill. This, in turn, leads to irradiation-resistant super germs that are far more dangerous to us than the original pathogens. Irradiated food contains toxic radiolytic products, aka poisons, which are ingested by you and me and everyone we know. Irradiation creates free radicals which are known to cause cell damage. The cell damage can manifest in innumerable ways, from premature aging to cancer to blindness.

radura logoThe process of irradiation is safe? It’s certainly not free of harm. I guess the FDA means that irradiation is safe from public scrutiny, safe from government accountability, safe from ethical study, safe from its own sad truth.


3 thoughts on “Irradiate the liars at the FDA

  1. I absolutely agree with you. MILLIONS of people are brushing their teeth with fluoride toothpaste. FLUORIDE is RAT POISON!!! THEY don’t care about you and me, it’s all about MONEY MONEY MONEY. The FDA and other companies involved in the food and drug industries are all CORRUPT. HERBAL is the way to go. THEY CANT PATENT something that someone can grow in their back yard, so they will lose money. They basically are saying, SO WHAT if you get cancer, I got MONEY from giving you DRUGS.

    GOD, Russia and Germany and many other places overseas have cures for aids, cancer, herpes, hepatitis and all that other shit that the FDA says there are no cures for.
    Millions of people are being deceived and are popping pills that are making them SICKER. Not HEALTHIER!!!

  2. Yeah, eyedrops to treat radiation poisoning. That goes along with the “sweep your comrades with brooms to remove fallout” and the really famous “Ignore the DU poisoning until all the affected soldiers, civilians and even children simply die of it thus ending the problem” regimen.

    This is from Bad Religion-Unacceptable lyrics

    irreducible is the word for today, plastic compounds and nuclear
    waste, what the hell is the matter with the pople on this planet? have
    we all gone insane? the stigma of industrial progress killing us over
    and over agin, one part per trillion… unacceptable, on part per
    billion… unacceptable, one part per million… unacceptable, this
    mammoth program set upon us courtesy of the U.S.A., inexcusable are
    the men before our time, i’d like to kick their ass for what they left
    behind, cancer-causing chemicals, ozone-depleting aerosols, we’re all
    going to fry, so put your head between your legs and kiss your ass

    I was looking for the mockup of the Civil Defense posters on what to do in case of Nuclear or Chemical Attack.
    It’s no shock that most of what were listed on the !5 Things To Do In Case Of poster were actually on the Real Thing that Uncle Sonofabitch paid a lot of our tax money to put out.
    13.Place your chair in the corner (behind the barricade of your dressers, in your basement, with the drawers full of bricks. Not A Joke. Or not a funny one anyway…)
    14.Sit down and place your head between your legs.
    15. Kiss your ass goodbye.

    Still haven’t found it. I saw the poster for the last time in the bedroom/slash/dope den of a hippie/slash/friend about 30 years ago. Funny stuff if you’re into fart-at-a-funeral gallows humor.
    Hippies get the funniest jokes. No, really, we do.

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