SNL pays their respect to Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin on Saturday Night LiveSARAH PALIN GETS A PASS ON SNL. But much more than that. From cultural figures whom we suppose to be rabid critics of the ice-rink-leibfrau, we get deference, flirty ass-kissing, an abrupt skedaddle, and an ovation. What were we expecting — Palin to embarrass herself? She’s flubbed her interviews, the debate, and by my measure for certain, every utterance. But Saturday Night Live amped the celebrity appearance and let Palin make of it her least funny yet, and to a chorus of applause.

No really. Make what you will of the take-a-pass gag (lifeline?), Palin worked out not having to face the headlights. Some viewers may think her refusal to do the Weekend Update rap skit was real in live-time. But she didn’t make a fool of herself, and she got to look like a good sport. She got deference from Lorne Michaels, star-struck flirtation from Alec Baldwin, a prompt skedaddle from Tina Fey, and an ovation from the SNL audience when she finally reached the microphone. This, when most of us want to level accusations to her face or instinctively step on her feet. Instead we watch our only few political/cultural heroes fawn over the Machiavelli in lipstick doofus.

It’s a pattern established by George Dubya.

1 thought on “SNL pays their respect to Sarah Palin

  1. according to Baldwin, they had a huge audience, which is the important part, NBC is a corporation for profit…

    They got the Dems who wanted to see her severely roasted, they got the R’s who wanted to see her severely roasted so they could spend the next two weeks bitching about how “those bad ol’ Social Libruls” took cheap shots at A Great American Heroin… errr Heroine errr.. something like that”..

    And according to the Goopers, she embarrassed them even without the SNL team deliberately gunning for her.


    But yeah, I wanted to see them ask her a hard question or two just to be a witness to the First Ever Live Television Head-Explosion event…

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