Spending money you don’t have to pay for the debts

cash geometryU.S. budget deficit swells to record $455 billion Need a Trillion $$$ for the troubled Big Guys? How about spending almost half a Trillion $$$ this year you don’t have in hand, and then do the same in 2009!!!? Let’s see now???… 1/2 Trillion $$$ PLUS 1/2 Trillion $$$ equals????
Yeah, that’s right! It equals an Economic Bailout Plan! These guys are geniuses!

And now for some more math! The Dow almost broke 15,000 a few years back (2). Now it’s headed for 7,500. 7,500 is about half of almost 15,000, if my calculator is doing this right? Yep! These guys are geniuses!

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