Liberals cry out for ‘Regulation!’

Government regulationsDemocratic party-tied websites are spouting much the same analysis of the current economic crisis, which is simply that in their point of view, capitalism is great, it just needs ‘regulation.’ Give us a break, People!

The US Capitalist System is greatly regulated and you guys backed a political party that helped regulate it, in league with the other party. Liberal Democratic Party voters seemingly want us to forget that their party has regulated The System for a century PLUS now! And once again, their regulation has produced chaos and uncertainly.

It takes a lot of gall to demand something that your politics have been doing all along, which is that we ‘regulate’ the economy! What is really being demanded now by your Party leadership is more tinkering through the same old regulations, instead of proposing something different. It is your regulation that is every bit as much the cause of where the US economic system is today, as under the regulation of the Republicans. Alan Greenspan was your dog as well as theirs!

The regulatory system was basically to have the companies police themselves, and this was a policy of the Democrats every much as much as it was of the Republicans. A capitalist supporting government will simply turn over all regulation to its own corporate leaders. To propose that a capitalist government do something else is utterly meaningless.

So shout out ‘Regulation’ all you want, and it will not lead to anything than what was already being done, and is being done at this moment. The thieves will regulate themselves unless that power is taken away from them, something that the Democratic Party utterly opposes.

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  1. I suppose this post is about “regulation” since you’ve used the word, or a derivative of it, 13 times in 4 paragraphs. Still, magically, you’ve said absolutely nothing.

    You sound like Sarah Palin.

  2. You didn’t address the key point of what I wrote, Marie, that liberal Democrats have actually written much of the regulations of the US economic system that they say they now want regulated more. As a Democratic Party voter yourself, are you demanding more ‘regulation’ of the companies that your own party has been regulating all these years?

    All I can say is that all the financial regulation was done with both political parties writing it, cooperating on its planning, and in essential agreements of much of what was passed. You threw Sarah Palin gratuitously into this discussion, but she has nothing to do with it at all.

    Just what is Obama and his side kick Joe saying about the economic meltdown that is in anyway different than the Bush Administration is doing and saying? Like maybe nothing? When you go and press that vote this November for the Democrats, Marie, you will get much the same economic regulatory policies as you have been getting before. With a different face and less lipstick presumably…

  3. A point of clarification: I have NEVER in my life voted for a Democratic candidate. I won’t be starting this year. I am not a member of a major political party, nor am I registered as an independent. Please don’t malign me with glib untruths.

    What you’ve said about “regulation” shows a gross lack of understanding about how various sectors of the economy work. Mortgage, banking, investment, insurance, pension funds, publicly-held corporations, nonprofit entities, Big Agra, Big Pharma, airlines, autos, railroads, telecommunications, manufacturing, interstate commerce, intrastate commerce, international commerce, defense contracting, real estate development, education, healthcare, welfare …breathe… pretty much everything under the sun is subject to government regulation.

    Do you really imagine that Democrats and Republicans sit around the halls of Congress writing regulations for various industry sectors? They have nothing to do with it!

    The regulators are industry insiders who create policy at the highest levels. Government watchdogs like the FDA are usually being “educated,” thus controlled, by these policy makers. Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Jews — it makes no difference. Politics and religion have nothing to do with it.
    Greed is the bottom line. Personal gain. Power and control.

    Congress has NO IDEA how to deal with the complexity of our society. Very few can grasp even basic economic principles. Ultimately, they are at the helm.

    It’s not more regulation that we need. It’s more oversight. That means independent, intelligent, well-educated groups working together across segments to determine domestic policy that works for society as a whole. That will never happen. Congress has no real power. This country is, and ever will be, under corporate control. And these regulators will keep “regulating” to their benefit.

  4. Actually, most of the regulation imposed by the Dems has been undone by the Republicans, who’s mantra since Reagan has been “Deregulation!” And those regulations would likely have prevented the current collapse.

    I sense, though, that your gripe is really with the concept of Capitalism as a sustainable philosophy, and there I have to agree with you. Capitalism is antithetical to democracy, and will ultimately be the downfall of it in this country.

    And, for the record, I am not a Democrat, I am registered Independent. I have, at various times, been registered with both parties, but now cannot stomach the thought of voting for candidates of either. Neither party now stands up for the ideals which once upon a time made them worthwhile. Politics in America has become a complete sham. I am a complete cynic when it comes to what will happen after the election, regardless of who wins.

  5. ‘Do you really imagine that Democrats and Republicans sit around the halls of Congress writing regulations for various industry sectors? They have nothing to do with it!’

    Marie, this comment by you is just bizarre IMO. Who all do you think is currently making the decisions in regards to the current regulations that will send hundreds of billions of dollars from the US treasury to the big outfits?

    Since there are only 2 parties running the country both of them have everything to do with it, so where do you get your strange notion that they don’t? It is you that hasn’t a clue to how the government actually operates, and not me. Industry insiders may write much of the detail but it is still the elected Democratic and Republican Party politicians that pass them into effect, and to think this irrelevant is the height of idiocy.

    As to ‘deregulation’, MC? The Democrats also supported that concept, though ‘deregulation’ in fact was no such thing at all. Capitalist government and the companies are always tied intimately to each other and in fact ‘deregulation’ was nothing more than anything other than the government continuing to regulate basic economic affairs as always, but simply on terms where the biggest companies got yet more for themselves in the short run from their government control over making the financial regulations.

    Now back to Marie? If you claim to be neither a Democrat nor an Independent nor a Republican, but still a voter, then what do you do when you get to the voting booth? Sneeze once then walk away?

    How much farther can one think that they are distancing themselves from politics than this, Marie? You do vote, do you not? Or maybe not? I would love to hear your explanation of just what you do politically when faced with an ‘election’?

  6. So which are you, Tony? Democrat, Republican, or Independent?

    When the FDA decides to irradiate our almonds, Congress has something to do with it? And when the SEC changes GAAP with regard to stock options, Congress has something to do with it? No. Congress does not.

    You are apparently confusing regulation with legislation.

  7. After saying that I sound like Sarah Palin, you manage not to answer any questions of mine at all here, Marie. Congratulations.

    Myself, I often just do not ‘vote’ in these elections that are so obviously rigged by money power from the get set and GO. I have stated over and over that I do not really consider the US to be a functioning democracy at all. For instance, even though I like some of what McKinney and Nader have to say, does it really much matter that I ‘vote’ for them in such a rigged up set? I don’t think it really does. It matters even less to go out and ‘vote’ for the Democrats since they are The System.

    I happen to be a socialist but think that socialists running in national ‘elections’ in such a rigged System as the US’s is rather idiotic most of the time. It is more productive to point out to people that the US elections are totally undemocratically rigged by Big Business PERIOD, and that something entirely different must be arranged for people to ever control anything here. You cannot just go ‘vote’ when the vote is not real.

    So now answer my question to you, when you do go out to the ballot box hating Sarah Palin so, who do you toss in your ‘vote’ for? I think that you haven’t answered simply because you do think that your vote counts still, and you judge the ‘individual’ and decide based on that sort of thinking? Am I right here? And what ‘individual’ are you voting for in the presidential race this time? Why does your ‘vote’ matter to you? Is it because you still do see the US as some sort of functioning democracy? I simply don’t think that it is.

    To the questions of legislation and regulation, do I confuse the two? Not at all. Regulation flows from legislation and so are intimately linked. Why don’t you see that? All over the internet, liberal DPer web sites are calling for ‘regulation’ as if there was none. There is, and it was passed by legislation that the Democrats had the greatest hand in.

    The DP wants us all to think otherwise though, thus their silly cry to now ‘Regulate’, even as they are working with the Republicans continuously to do just exactly that. They have always worked together and nothing is new or changed now in the least. And you are absolutely incorrect in saying that Congress has nothing to do with who regulates what.

    I guess you also believe that the US judicial process is as unlinked to the Democrats and Republicans politicians as you seemingly think that their ‘regulators’ are? Get real! By posing some sort of false dichotomy between legislation and regulation you are merely blowing smoke around your own head.

  8. You have your experience in the healthcare system. When you speak about it, I rarely contend with you because you’ve seen things from the inside out. And I have not.

    I am a CPA who worked for the largest international accounting firm in the world (at the time — now #4). I audited Fortune 100 firms in a variety of industries: banking, defense contracting, telecommunications, high tech. The corporations we all know, I’ve seen from the inside out. And let me assure you, the REGULATIONS that govern conduct in the various industry sectors are NOT made by Congress. They are NOT rubber-stamped by Congress. They are NOT understood by Congress.

    Corporate insiders, be they disguised as independent auditors (think Enron), underwriters, legal counsel, ARE the regulators. Democrat, Republican, Independent. It makes NO difference. Regulations aren’t party driven.

    I don’t vote. I visit the booth so I can get the sticker. I don’t want to pass on my cynicism to my children before they are ready to handle it.

  9. The regulations are party driven, but both Big Business parties have the exact same goals, Marie. That is the reason that we have yet to hear anything from Obama that is in the least contrary to what the Bush Administration is doing now that the financial system is in crash mode. We didn’t hear anything before from him and the Democrats either, and we won’t.

    Both of these two parties support essentially the same set of business regulations and they essentially have acted together to get the regulations that now are found so lacking. But, Marie, I can assure you that socialists do not support the same pro- private business regulations and would legislate them out of existence as they now currently run in a heart beat, and that you as a CPA would have to follow an entirely different set of rules than the ones you have followed in the past if socialists had the power to change things from the way that they are now set up in the US.

    For just one example, the nationalization of Freddie and Fannie would proceed under an entirely different group of regulations than those that are now being supported by the 2 parties running this country, and YES, the rest of the world, too. The financial regulatory forces currently in place would be totally replaced, as well they should be, by a totally different set of rules and laws that would have to be followed.

    I find it incredibly lacking in understanding on your part for you to think that somehow these regulations of capitalists are somehow totally divorced form the operations of the government they have set up for themselves. The government and Big Business in this country are fused, Marie, not separate from each other.

    And BTW, too, I should not be given any special consideration for having worked in the health care system of this country. That is helpful somewhat for being able to have an insider view of sorts, but really it is political experience that actually helps me to be able to comprehend much of the framework of how inoperable the capitalist Medical World really is. Most of my co-workers don’t have that political experience and reach totally different conclusions than mine regarding what’s around them daily.

    So you show up to the voting booth to get that sticker? I’m not sure I understand what sitcker you are talking about? I never got anything from the times I have actually bothered to go vote. Actually, I don’t even like being on voting lists because it makes it easy for institutions to track me and others when one registers to vote. Little advantage to that IMO.

  10. Tony, we both agree that the two parties are nearly identical. For either one to point fingers at the other and pretend that things would be different if THEY were in power is ridiculous.

    The sticker says “I Voted.” I hadn’t thought about taking myself off voting rolls altogether. Sounds like a good idea to me!

  11. Well, I do think that voting is important. But having said that, I think that voting is ridiculous when the system you are actually voting in is essentially fixed against you. When one participates in such a fixed system by ‘voting’ in it, it leads to people actually thinking that the process is clean when it really is not.

    It was kind of interesting seeing Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader recently, and others all getting together at a rally and saying VOTE, but just VOTE for any of us it matters not which. VOTE against the System rigged as it is

    Bob Barr would have been there too perhaps, if Ron Paul had given an endorsement to him, which he didn’t. Right and Left united that the System is essentially not democracy at all. So the question comes up that maybe a boycott of the national elections carried out together by these varied political groups might have been more a real rejection of the System ( a vote against pretend democracy as it is) than having run in the rigged event?

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