Troopergate Verdict and Depression sink McCain down to his knees

troopergateObama has covered himself by being even more aggressive towards Iran than the Bush-McCain Klan are. That is meant to deflect the October Surprise if Bush and Israel decide to attack Iran before the US presidential election. Meanwhile, Troopergate and the Economic Crash have put a stake into the heart of The Old Vampire, John McCain.

Obama opens double-digit lead as Palin under fire The Northern states’ business community is about to take back direct control of the White House away from the Southern states’ business community once again.

America’s business community as a whole remains quite split which has kept it somewhat close in the polls for McCain. But this time around, they are not about to let the Southerners stalk off with a marginal ‘victory’ once again. There is just too much at stake as European business support for the US has become seriously loosened by the Bush Administration belligerence and unilateralism. America’s leadership at the pack of world wolves is slipping fast, and the less rabid amongst the business community know that.

An attack though in the next weeks on Iran would throw all calculations into a swirl. Would it still be able to work to McCain’s favor? We cannot truly know for sure, but it actually at this point, might just appear to be way too obvious an election ploy to work well? We shall see….?

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