State terrorist air strike Made in USA

US droneLatest missile strikes upon Pakistani civilians have been traced to aerial drones flying under markings of the US military. It’s believed the armed pilot-less aircraft are operated from remote control centers in the United States.

As usual, officials for the US deny knowledge of the air strikes.

Terrorism experts know from similar previous acts that the unpredictable and indiscriminate targeting of sovereign citizens is decided from information which originates from torture/interrogation coordinated with client state contractors, ultimately used by gunman at video consoles, operating under cover of state branches of military service.

3 thoughts on “State terrorist air strike Made in USA

  1. I don’t know where you are getting your information, but the Us has never denied the use of drones, and actually gave credit to them in the last air strike that killed a senior al Qaeda member in Pakistan. They’ve been used for several years now, and if I remember correctly, are operated out of Miami, or wherever Allied Control is in Florida.

  2. Here is how the Associated Press reported the latest US governmental/ Pentagon terrorist attack inside of Pakistan…

    Suspected US Missile strike in Pakistan kills 8 … Most of the missiles are believed to have been launched from unmanned spy planes that take off from Afghanistan. Washington rarely confirms or denies the attacks.’

    So what you have is a case of the US military engaged in outright terrorism, and like much non-governmental terrorism around the world, the US governmental terrorists who ordered this attack do not claim any responsibility for it most of the time.

    And Christopher, do you actually believe most of that rot about hitting ‘senior al Qaeda’? You and I don’t have a clue as to they hit, and neither do the US government employed terrorists that order the attacks. They don’t even care, now do they? Kids, babies, who ever… That’s just the way US government terrorists are.

  3. Of course they wouldn’t officially deny it…

    The Air Force believes it’s Terror Regime From Above actually works.

    Remember the official motto of Strategic Air Command?

    Peace is our Profession…

    and the unofficial one “Killing is merely our hobby.”

    It’s murder no matter how you slice it.

    The Oderint dum Metuant “let them Hate, as long as they Fear” Motto Bush borrowed from Caligula and the Air Force is carrying out with their Terrorist Bombing Raids, whether done by drone or not, well guess what…?

    Even facing Heavy Retribution for “insulting” George Coward Bush, al Zaidi DID IT ANYWAY.

    And he’s only one of Millions.

    Biggest problem I see with it is, I or my family or friends might get caught in the crossfire when they take their revenge.

    When they pay back the Murdering Scum who supported Bush and his War, both in the government and in Civilian life.

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