Stop Homophobic Violence!

There is a rally 7 pm today on the steps of City Hall downtown in Colorado Springs that will be demanding that we all put an end to homophobic violence, especially that violence directed against young gay teenagers in public schools. Be there, or be straight!

No, just kidding…. Be there, or be square and hateful. Those of us who are (relatively) straight should be there, too. We all stand together or fall together as far as basic human rights are concerned. Our ‘straight’ presence is important alongside those Gays that stand up for the right to not be physically assaulted, or emotionally abused, by others.


Supporters of the National Day of Silence will hold a rally starting at 7 p.m. today at the steps of City Hall in Colorado Springs, 107 N. Nevada Ave. The event is sponsored by the Colorado Springs Gay and Lesbian Community Center. It’s intended to honor people who have faced discrimination and violence because of their sexual orientation.

1 thought on “Stop Homophobic Violence!

  1. Yo Tony,
    Have to agree, but do not like that type of life stye, should not treat folks like that. May they get help to get rid of the evil life style.

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