Taking the boob back

Angelina JolieI think that it is just so great that Angelina Jolie is breast feeding the baby in this picture. It’s time for the babies of the world to rise up and reclaim those boobs!

However don’t those sun glasses look kind of stupid on her since now all the macho men will probably want their Significant Others to wear them, too, when breast feeding? Oh well… People these days need role models such as Jolie is doing here just like the La Leche League would want her.

Remember! Hot Babes in your neighborhood want you to breast feed! Oh, Mama! Those babies deserve to have their breasts back, now don’t you think, Mama?

Which leads us to the most important international question of our times… Does Sarah Palin breastfeed her new child, too? This apparently is an international secret of the most hidden and clandestine kind? Or does she just use formula and candy nuggets?

Inquiring American citizens want to know so that they can cast an informed vote for Motherhood. We know that Jolie, a liberal, breastfeeds quite openly, but what about Sarah? I cannot cast a vote for the McCain ticket without this information. Can you?

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