The Gazette stalethinkers

GazetteCOLORADO SPRINGS- The comical Gazette editorial staff today ranted against the Colorado Springs area’s atheist community in a headliner opinion piece, where the stalethinkers of The Gazette pedantically explained in their Bible Talk editorial opinion column ‘why rude guests are not welcome’.

The highlight of this comic strip was the stalethinker writer claiming that the atheists were ‘rude’ just from calling themselves ‘freethinkers’. That hurts their Christian feelings…booh-hoo-hoo… bring out the red, white, and blue hankies now. They claimed that ‘a few atheists have their panties in a twist again’ unlike the ever so courteous Gazette stalethinkers!

The stalethinkers base all their beliefs, they would have us believe…lol, because they are not free enough in their thinking to not follow the Bible all the time (but not so literally since they love killing so much). They believe in a stalethinking brand of Christianity that says the rich are God’s Chosen Ones, because they can freely and stalely kick the poor around all the time. Not to mention blow them up, shoot them down, and waterboard them at will.

I love these stalethinker farts from The Gazette! They called me up recently (3 weeks ago) and said that my subscription had expired several months ago, whereupon I replied let it be so! I’m still getting the staleness though? What should I do, tell them that I shall sue them unless they pay me for delivery to my house of their rag? I feel like I am ecologically personally destroying the planet by allowing this stalemate to continue. Adverts for Kohls, Safeway, Kroger, and Albertsons be damned! I don’t got religion like the stalethinkers at The Gazette do!

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