Barack’s BIG accomplisment

…..What is the big accomplishment of the Democratic Party’s candidate for President of the United States? It is the rehabilitation of the sad sack Republican Party, that’s what! Just read the latest poll results… McCain takes lead over Obama: poll

This is a Zogby poll, too, and Zogby is firmly in the Democratic Party corral. He gives John McCain a 5% lead in the polls, and an incredible 9% lead for voters worried about who might be in charge of handling the US economy! That took some doing, Barack.

How does The Democratic Party do it? It is simple. They just ape the Republican Party platform, since nobody wants to see a copy cat plagiarist program. Even Dennis the Not Much of a Menace Kucinich is leading hte Democratic Party way in this regards. Go to his website and see for yourself. Congressman J. Kucinich Do you see what’s missing here? That’s right! Instread of addressing the issues Dennis has spotlighted ‘Polka, Bowling, and Kielbasa’, I kid you not! Even under ISSUES, Dennis has not a thing to say about Iraq, Afghanistan, or NATO in Georgia. What a poodle the guy turns out to be.

Yes, together, Dennis and Barack and Pelosi, et al can help rehab the Republican Party, build up their image as somehow being competent, and being big authorities about the economy. And the tail along Lesser-of-Two-Evils ‘Progressives’ will do their part, too. This is not an opposition, but a Republican Party callaborative society!

Sick, sick, sick.

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