‘Missile shield’, or nuclear war weapon placement in Poland?

It is a sign of the Orwellian double speak of our imperialist capitalist Empire times, that a weapon to wage nuclear war with is now being called a ‘missile defence shield’. See Polish President Lech Kaczynski stressed the missile defence shield was purely a defensive system and not a threat Of course it is no such thing, but rather is instead weaponry designed to help win a nuclear war for a US Empire that is straining at its reins to fight one.

Seeing how the US has advanced its systems for waging nuclear war into being placed in The Czech Republic and Poland, it is easy to see why the former Soviet Union did what it did in Hungary in 1956. It invaded the small satellite country in Eastern Europe to militarily protect itself from an aggressive empire.

Russia today is a capitalist country but that has not stopped the US Empire from continuing to try to militarily dominate it. Like in 1956 Russia has to currently decide just how far it will allow an offensive military system designed to win a nuclear war against it to advance itself toward its borders? Georgia was their limit, and so is Ukraine. We have to ask ourselves though, why is our capitalist economy so intent on ‘winning’ a nuclear war? Is this written into our for-profit economic system? Ask yourself….?

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5 Responses to ‘Missile shield’, or nuclear war weapon placement in Poland?

  1. Avatar Dayvid Franke says:

    Unfortunately for everyone, neither government listens to the will of the people, but rather to their own political and personal agendas.

    I would state that no-one wants to fight and die in a war that is completely unnecessary whether one is Russian or American. That is why it is curious to me why anyone would continue behavior that would provoke war.

    Russia had the right to defend her citizens in South Ossetia just the same as the United States has defended her in the past and if the current U.S. administration thinks that putting missile systems in Poland aimed towrds Russia isn’t provoking war, then perhaps the world needs a reminder of what happened with soviet missiles and the U.S. in Cuba.

    Regardless of what side of the debate one finds one’s self on, in war, everyone loses and the worst part is, the people starting them, aren’t the ones fighting them. The U.S. is wrong to pursue this (Polish and Czech Missile Agrrements), so aggressively.

    Dayvid Franke

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    Well, since the Russkies had (according to the new “PROVOCATION!” shit being thrown up, then eaten again then thrown up again, on Right Wing Media) just in response to that, re-armed their fleet with Nukes. Meaning, they didn’t have a whole array of Nukes pointed at the Polish frontier in the first place.

    If they were to go after Europe, a big Chunk of Russia is IN Europe, including Moscow.

    It sounds suspiciously like when Bush ordered the Invasion of the Sovereign Nation of Iraq, one of the pretexts was “BioWeapons” and in specific, Smallpox.

    Strangely, the Iraqi army wasn’t given Smallpox Vaccine, but the American and Koalition of the Killing mercenary Death Squads (including the Georgian and Polish hit-men) WERE.

    IF Saddam had actually been planning or even able to use Smallpox as a weapon, he would have had his own army at least vaccinated.

    That would suggest that Bush intended to use Smallpox BioTerror Weapons, which the U.S. DOES have, and also has a history of actually using them, (against Native AMERICANS) against Iraq.

    Likewise, ‘immunizing’ the nations of his Paid Hit Squads, like Poland, against a Nuclear Threat which the U.S. was and is far more likely to deliver than the Russians…

    Ronald Reagan went on and on about the Soviets having a Star Wars program, with special emphasis on the theme that this undoubtedly meant the Soviets were planning to nuke Western Europe and then be immune to any counterstrike…

    If it was a “provocative threat” to the West for the Soviets to have a missile shield, according to the Self-Styled “Leader of the Free World”, why shouldn’t the Russians assume the same thing about the U.S.?

    Especially since the U.S. is the ONLY nation with a record of using Nuclear Weapons in a war.

    Ok, Atomic, but that’s just a technical difference, like the difference between an Automatic pistol and a Submachine gun.

  3. Avatar Dayvid Franke says:

    I agree completely. Wonderfull how so few, make so many bad decisions for so many.

  4. Avatar GalloRoman says:


    Your an idiot if you think Saddam would actually care enough about his troops to get them vaccinated. Shows how much education you have regarding that region of the world.
    I have lived there (saudi, qatar, iraq) –
    The majority of Saddams army were forced conscriptions that would surrender to a camera grew or an oil platform.

    Luckily for the world, a fat, cowardly douchebage such as yourself will never be in charge of anything important.

  5. Avatar Jonah says:

    Fortunately, neither will you.

    I believe I might have confronted you at St Paddy’s last year. Were you one of the scum hiding in the crowd, and calling for our deaths?

    Saddam went to his death bravely, more so than your president will, which wouldn’t make him a Saint.

    However, he also wasn’t a stupid man. To wipe out his entire country, where then would he hide, if he had no more army?

    If he were the half the coward you believe him to be.

    But facts are facts, no amount of sneers or calling people Fat Cowards or Douchebags will change them…

    Saddam didn’t have the Smallpox. Or the Nerve Gas. Or the Yellow Cake Uranium.

    Perhaps you should instead try to argue with Colonel Ritter about the issue, or the gentlemen who run Strategic Forecasting, I called that Intuitively in 2002, they called it through much research and on-the-scene espionage.

    Mind you, neither Col. Ritter nor StratFor are what you would call pussies, or liberals, or whatever.

    But think, if you are indeed capable, how would an army consisting of Teenage Conscripts, as you put it, undernourished and in poor general health (Due to the sanctions, before 1991 Iraq had better health care, per capita, than anyplace else in the Near East including Israel) but how could these Malnourished, poorly trained Children have wrestled A Million Pounds of Nerve Gas, around Baghdad, sometimes a half hour ahead of the inspections, as Mr Bush said, and his entire contingent of ChickenHawk Liars,… (ahem) without having a single accident?

    Nerve gas, a little goes a Loooooonnnnnngggg way. Any variant of it. It’s like Raid!(©®S.E. Johnson & Company) for large mammals.

    The United States Army, which incidentally has the largest stockpiles of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons in the World, and more than the rest of the world (including Russia) combined, stores Nerve Gas in all its various ugly forms in climate controlled, heavily guarded, carefully maintained Repositories, with highly trained personnel maintaining it, and still has fatal accidents every year.

    (I won’t quote my Army and Marine Corps sources on that, your President would have them charged with Sedition or Treason, for telling the truth instead of lying for him.)

    I’m also quite a bit more intimately acquainted with the Raytheon corporation AND their piece-of-shit “Missile Shield” than you obviously are aware.

    Perhaps the bits in my other posts and comments about being in El Paso Texas during the early 80s would give you a bit of a clue.

    Saddam might have been evil, but stupid? No. He didn’t commit suicide, if you recall.

    George Bush in a similar position might. Apparently he’s about to commit suicide and take the majority of the world with him.

    If Saddam had the SmallPox, or the Anthrax, you’ve had 5 years of unlimited access to the places it would have been. And have found nothing.

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