The Real Eisenhower

Did US President Eisenhower ‘warn’ us about the military industrial complex, or did he build the damn thing into a monster? Ira Chernus answers this question well in his commentary, Published on Tuesday, March 18, The Real Eisenhower: Planning to Win Nuclear War
It’s time to tell the truth about ‘Ike’. It’s time for a less delusional Peace Movement still tied to ‘Americana, ‘honoring the troops’ and the American flag, and ‘prayer’. Why hobble the movement with false idols like Eisenhower? Why hobble it with false history?

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1 Response to The Real Eisenhower

  1. Cross of Iron was one of his last lucid moments.

    By his second term he was sending American “advisors” to VietNam.

    But Cross of Iron gets the attention of Right Wingers every time.

    If we went with plan B, which involves wading into a crowd of them with swinging baseball bats, as entertaining as that might seem, it would be counterproductive, on a large number of fronts.
    I prefer to think that at least some of them are logical and could be swayed with logic, and then, since they speak the language (if that’s what it’s called) fairly well, they could teach others.

    Cross of Iron does better than a baseball bat to get them listening.

    After about the 23rd time the ol’ Louisville Slugger bounces off the thickened skull of one of them, pain starts to register…

    “Ogg think something wrong… Ogg head hurt almost as bad as when Ogg try to read…”

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