The US is destroying the health of its young women

OK, nobody wants to talk about the health of Iraqis, Afghans, or Somalis, nor do they want to talk about our entire government being supportive enough to give the President a free ride in mandating the use of torture on prisoners taken and held without any due process, etc. So let’s talk about the health of young American women instead. One quarter of them have sexually transmitted diseases …STDs rife among US teenage girls… says the American Center for Disease Control.

Sounds like they are not doing their job if that’s the case, and neither are all the insurance companies and corporate lawyers attached like leeches upon us. They say they are necessary to deliver good health, but look at what’s actually the case. They screw up Americans’ health …PERIOD. Even the health of young women, because they are not to blame for the sorry state of the health care they are currently mainly not receiving.

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