Algerian torture academy blown sky high

Suicide attack at Algerian police academy kills 43 in corporate newspeak from the Associated Press. Let’s translate that to Torture Academy blown sky high by Amnesty International.
Might it well have been one of the family members of the disappeared and/or tortured victims that was what the corporate Christian Jihad press calls a “suicide bomber?”
PS. I wonder why those ten French soldiers got blown away in Afghanistan?

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2 Responses to Algerian torture academy blown sky high

  1. Avatar ohwilleke says:

    Something tells me that Amnesty would not condone killing three and a half dozen police cadets. Not every law enforcement officer in training is a future torturer.

    Your willingness to applaude with glee this kind of mass murder is despicable.

  2. Avatar tony logan says:

    Ohwilleke, I am hardly ‘applauding with glee’ here but rather just mentioning the realities of what is going on. If that offends you I am so very sorry. Please accept my sincere personal apologies to you.

    Might I also point out that most Americans do not know about how the US supported the Algerian military coup that put the current set of torturers into power, yet so many have such delicate sensibilities when it comes to ‘suicide bombers’ fighting back in the way they do. That’s just the way Americans are I guess? Ignorant and rather uncaring. Unfortunately nobody ever should think that dirty wars can not get rather nasty with their blowback effects.

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