Update: Tony Snow still dead…

Now on the epitome of hubris, the Republicans are setting up a Trust Fund, and asking Americans to contribute.

Steely Dan, Jethro Tull and the Doobie Brothers are planning a benefit concert.

all contributions tax deductible of course. Meaning, we the people are going to be paying for it.

And, Tony Snow didn’t die in poverty. Had plenty of insurance. Got paid well for selling American Soldiers and Iraqis to their deaths based on what anybody who had any sort of sources of information, and the pure courage to use those sources, would know to be a LIE.

A whole series of lies.

Acting as GWs mouthpiece he deliberately joined him in Murder and Theft. That makes him an accomplice under any legal system on earth.

A lot of the people in the Springs don’t give a damn about any Iraqi people being killed, but they pretend to care about American casualties.

So I’ll focus on that. Tony Snow, like everybody associated with Bush, was heavily invested in the Oil and “defense” industries.

He, like the Bush family still do, made money every time an American soldier became a casualty.

I can easily picture him doing a little jig and saying “Cha-ching! yeah, baby, c’mon and die, daddy needs a new pair of dancin’ shoes! Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching!”

I strongly suspect the same thing about ALL supporters of this war. They no likey, me no givey damn they no likey.

Ali Burton, the Thief of Baghdad, makes enough money in One DAY to put the Poor, Impoverished Rich Widow on easy street for the rest of her unnatural life.

This is the widow of one of Bush’s accomplices, who made excuses for Mr Bush when Mr Bush refused to increase and tried to decrease VA benefits and other Veterans, their dependents or Widows and Orphans programs.

The widows and orphans of the soldiers Mr Bush and Mr Snow had Murdered for their fun and profit (mostly profit) are given the collective cold shoulder here, but one of the Murderers is being honored for his crimes,

and we, the people, are without our consent directly subsidizing the payments of a trust fund for the Murderer’s wife and children… because it’s a tax deduction…

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