US government covers for Pakistan’s dictator

The murder of Benazir Bhutto has all the markings of being an assassination by the US backed Musharraf regime, which is an immensely unpopular dictatorship in the view of most Pakistanis.

Because of his unpopularity, the US wanted to possibly slide Benazir Bhutto back into power. But now that she has been murdered, most probably by the dictatorship itself, the US government is playing alongside with Musharraf’s version of events and has now officially endorsed the script that al-Qaeda murdered Bhutto. CIA boss names Bhutto ‘killers’

The world is not stupid and can see the blatant and open support the US government gives to Muslim country dictatorships. Gone is the US big lie that its foreign policy has the objective of bringing democracy anywhere to anybody. US government use of the Ethiopian dictator in his wars against the Somali people is another case of being naked in public. Today, the US government has about zero credibility in the eyes of most people around the planet. The US has no supposed moral high ground to stand on anymore.

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