Instant Pentagon Slaughter on the way

LBJBorrowing a page from the recent Israeli military slaughter in Gaza, Residents asked (by the Pentagon and CIC Barack Obama) to leave homes in Pakistan’s Swat …Well you warned them, didn’t you, Barack Baby? You told them to leave and if any of their children now get in the way, you have washed yourself of all their blood in responsibility, now haven’t you Mr. First Black President? What a change you are from the Dubya crowd!

President Asif Ali Zardari, widower of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, is due to meet U.S. President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Washington on Wednesday for talks on the growing militant threat in the region.

” We’re acting with restraint because they’re using civilians as a shield but we’ll go after them if the situation gets worse,” said the military official, who declined to be identified.

Barack and The Democrats are ready to BOMB THEM BACK TO THE STONE AGE just like Lyndon once did! These are exciting times for the Democratic Party voter! LBJ Lives!

1 thought on “Instant Pentagon Slaughter on the way

  1. One day later after writing the above commentary, this is the headline (though hidden away from most Americans) the world now sees…. US Afghan strikes ‘killed dozens’

    Here below is an excerpt..

    But a growing number of reports from the area suggest civilians had also been sheltering in the buildings hit.

    Local officials initially told our correspondent in Kabul they had seen the bodies of about 20 women and children in two trucks.

    But officials and police sources in Farah later estimated the number of dead at around 100.
    Barack Obama, Israeli style hit man! Assassin and thug! When are the DP voter liberals going to smarten up?

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