Wake Up America: NeoFascists control BOTH political parties!

US Supreme Court rewrites the 2nd Amendment. But hey, who even needs a Constitution when you have NeoFascists running both political parties, and all three branches of government?

Thou shalt not spend. US Supreme Court rules against competition for filthy-rich candidates. So remember, kids, if you’re filthy rich you can do whatever the hell you want, if not then sit down and STFU. That’s the American way.

How can anyone fail to see that the Zionist State of Israel has become the 21st. Century Nazi Germany?

Alzheimers politics. Bush appeases Evil, and conservatives applaud. They can’t even remember what Bush said less than a month ago, about Obama talking with N. Korea. No wonder McCain is their nominee.

Excerpted from Thomas McCullock’s June 27 notes, thomasmc.com.

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