Israel is Nazi Germany Reborn

Jewish traitor pleads guilty to spying for Israel. Then again, Barack Obama’s Ultra-Zionist Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is likely a Mossad spy, himself. And Obama’s refusal to stand up to Israel makes him a coward, just like Bush.

No cartoons today. Too many people are being massacred by the ZioNazis in Palestine. And too few people elsewhere are human enough to give a damn.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
–Edmund Burke

America is no longer the home of the free and the brave. It’s now the home of cowards who have surrendered their freedom to fascists offering vague promises of “homeland security.”

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Dec 31 notes,

7 thoughts on “Israel is Nazi Germany Reborn

  1. ‘Israel is Nazi Germany Reborn’

    I think, Thomas, that you do a true disservice to the Left community with such blatantly dishonest rhetoric as the above. Israel being compared to Nazi Germany is just plain bullshit.

    The Nazi’s exterminated millions of people. Israel has done no such thing, and the Jewish community there are some of the remnants of the World Jewish community murdered by the Nazis. Are you not ashamed to be comparing the two as you do? Evidently not, and that shows your absolutely poor judgement in this manner.

    If you were to have to make comparisons with the Nazis, then the closest current regime would be the American government, that while being nominally a ‘democracy’, certainly has exterminated millions of people over the post WW2 Era. But even then, people still can see the obvious differences between US society and German Nazi society. Such comparisons do not add up to much, do they? So why use them when it clouds up people’s minds with anger at rather useless cliches and name calling, rather than leading to any real discussion?

    As bad as what’s being done to Gaza by the Israeli Jewish government with its companion US enabler and coordinator government, calling Israel out as being Nazis is about as silly as your previous denouncing of the Bush Administration as being fascists. And that’s pretty damn silly IMO. Can you imagine Hitler being replaced by Obama after an election? Or a Jewish clone of Obama? NO? I didn’t think so…

  2. Tony- Isn’t comparing horrors pretty subjective? So it doesn’t justify you calling Thomas’s hyperbole “blatantly dishonest” or “plain bullshit.” Who are you to say he should be “ashamed,” has “poor judgment,” is “silly,” and has been “damn silly?”

    AND your comment tries to cut Thomas short. The accusation you make of others.

    IMO the first half of your third paragraph would have sufficed. To which a rebuttal can be made, that the Nazis did plenty of incomparable deeds: exterminating Jews, launching a world invasion. Does that preclude making analogies to their religious/racist genocide, or lock-step jackboot thuggery?

    The plight of the Palestinians is also lacking for parallels.

  3. As you know, I think Thomas is right on the money about Barack Obama not planning to change the American government’s imperialism. Plus, I understand and share his nausea at what Israel is doing in Gaza on behalf of the US government and with its total complicity. However, ‘comparing horrors’ done so poorly here just comes off as cartoonish. There, do I have the right to say that in your opinion, Eric?

    ‘The plight of the Palestinians also lacks parallel.’

    Hardly. There are so many parallels in the past to what is happening to the Palestinians now, that it is what makes all of us so absolutely depressed about Israel’s violence against the civilians there in Gaza is it not?

    While i disagree on this endless name calling of people like Bush as supposedly being ‘fascists’ and now labelling Israel as being ‘Nazi’, it is not out of any real hostility to where Thomas is coming from. I just think that such name calling is a real detriment to communicating with other people who do not share Left views. Should we all just pretend that it is not?

    I’d like to hear Thomas’s views on this?

  4. I’m sorry. I just tire of these puerile personal attacks. They do not invite participation.

  5. No personal attack was made. I merely find it offensive to compare the ‘Jewish State’ to the Nazi State, Eric, as most people would, too.

    I am sorry to see you not getting offended at such a poor comparison being made. Do you think that makes people want to examine any further the reasons for your own anti- American imperialism when you side with this sort of rhetoric? It just comes off to most Americans as anti-Jewish rant.

    I think both you and Thomas need to cut out some of the ‘you are a fascist Nazis’ stuff when referring to the Republicans or to the Zionist camp. It is not a question of being a personal attack on either one of you to state that opinion.

  6. Call it a rant if you will, but gaza is a ghetto just as much as Warsaw 42-43. No supplies in or out. No reporters in or out. No voice. Starvation. Disease. Now bring on the bombs…

    Israel’s not sending all the Palestinians to their death by train. Instead they’ve opted for the “slow crush” approach: first destroy homes and build walls, then set up check points and carry out assassinations, then starve everyone,
    then destroy every bit of infrastructure and government, then…what?

    Israel might not act exactly as the Nazis did in 1942-43. They’re acting like the Nazis would act in 2008-2009. Classic victim to bully. Disgusting.

    Seriously: Israel better hope the U.S. doesn’t fall apart because without our $3 billion a year for their military they’ll be in a tough spot. You know, because everyone besides the U.S. hates their guts.

  7. Val, please see my comment in response to the commentary by Thomas titled, ‘Nazi rampage on Palestine continues’, newly made.

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