Hay bellies

I’ve read quite a bit about vegetarianism over the years. Nutritionists assert that in order to be healthy a vegetarian must actively seek the full complement of amino acids that make up protein, Hay ride the building blocks of our bodies, by consuming protein. This sounds like a reasonable assertion, but does it hold true in nature? Do living organisms, all of which are basically organized proteins, require ingested protein to survive?

Think of cows. What do they eat as they grow fat and delicious, merrily trotting the path to becoming culinary delights for the non-vegetarian population? Do they eat thick steaks, succulent chickens, light flaky fish, or the other white meat, pork? No, of course they don’t. They eat only plants — grass and hay — and only as much as they need.

Recent research suggests that our grains, fruits and veggies have become less nutritious over the past century. Man’s interference with the growth of plants — breeding for certain marketable traits, using chemical pesticides, artificially propping up the depleted soil with chemical fertilizers, speeding the ripening process — has resulted in not only dangerous food, but less nutritious food.

Animals are instinctive. They know what they need. They neither over- nor under indulge. I mean, have you ever seen an overstuffed cow, lying on her side in a meadow, moaning oh my god, I feel like a fat cow? No, nature provides every needed nutrient, in proper portions and proportions, for our cattle.

Or at least she used to. These days, ranchers do, in fact, encounter fat cows, dissatisfied cows, cows with big hay bellies. When cows aren’t getting needed nutrients from the grass they eat, they eat more, and more again, until they do. The fact that ranchers are seeing hay bellies is an indication that food ain’t what it used to be.

We have a similar problem. As Big Food alters the natural food supply to ensure that food looks pretty, has a long shelf life, is conveniently packaged, transported, and prepared, we are starving to death. Without micronutrients like resveratrol to signal satiety, without phytochemicals, enzymes, vitamins and minerals to nourish and support our biochemical processes, we’re eating more and more to gain needed nutrients, and we’re getting fatter and unhealthier in the process.

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  1. Avatar jacques says:

    BIG country, the USA. BIG people too. BIG media, BIG pharma, BIG food. When you make it there, you are BIG. Your movie becomes BIG and pretty soon it’s the only one people talk about between BIG macs. The 1632 other releases are forgotten, including little foreign movies of course. American Idol will choose the BIG future star and all others are nothing. You go to the BIG Mall and get thirsty, you buy a BIG slurpee and rent the BIG movie of the month, pigging out on the BIG special at BIG Mart, an extra BIG bag of chocolate chip cookies.

    Let me tell you about LITTLE. French and Vietnamese LITTLE. Not to rub it in, but these little men from the north beat you by walking 1000 miles pushing a bicyle to which was strapped a 200 pouind bomb, tens of thousands of them on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, a ribbon in the jungles that was sprayed with Napalm and foliage destructing chemicals. And what did they eat?? They had too eat for all that exercise, right? The Hanoi women prepared them a LITTLE kit comprising dried shrimps, uncooked long grain brown rice, dried beef and a LITTLE bottle of fish sauce. On foggy days so as not to get spotted, they would put the bicycle down against a tree and cook, adding local snail to their PHO and tearing leaves from several abundant leafies of this latitude. They would huddle around a communal pho bo, dipping leaves, LITTLE pieces of beef, a few shrimps in their bouillon. They each carried 3 bicyle inner tubes around their neck. One of these was stuffed with the surplus rice and leftovers, so that they could eat for the next 2-4 days by simply sucking on the tube as they walked, not wasting time or stalling the collumn.
    They still eat this way today, for the first part anyway, pleasant long lasting events with up ot 10 people dropping luscious things in a bouillon that is so refined it needs to be experienced. Because we stopped shooting them down after 2,000,000, their life stats are now fabulous. They outlive Americans by almost 10 years. America is creeping back in, but to my greatest pleasure, I found out that after the 2004 bird flu scare where the 25 Kentucky friend chicken were converted to a catfish menu, several never went back to fried chicken. The one in Nha Trang has apparently fully converted to Vietnamese foodA LITTLE people eating LITTLE things in LITTLE amounts, making LITTLE jokes and having a lot of fun eating together.
    But you know what? even here in America they outdo their American counterpart in almost everything, from spelling bees to Sat scores to IQ test They took over entire shrimp fishing industry in Louisiana, most of the pharmaceutical business in Canada. They are LITTLE but FUCKING SMART!

    I was going to go on with the French. But this would be too BIG this comment area. So Ill blog it on my own blog. Thanks for a chance to blow a LITTLE steam, Mango.

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