What they didn’t want to see last year

St Patricks Day Seven minus Elizabeth Fineron and Eric Verlo
What they didn’t want you to see last year… no thrown bottles, no jeers, but crowds cheering for peace! Channel 11 reported “their message was still not received well by everyone” but interviewed only a single detractor who asserted that we weren’t supporting the troops. One out of thousands of friendly waving peace signs. A statistical lie.

Waving from the school bus

Other coverage from KRDO-13, KVOA5/30 and Fox21 was more even handed. The peace message came from others like Kat Tudor with the Smokebrush toaster and its peace toast:

The usual compatible colleagues

And perhaps a new voice, now that the parade allows social messages:

Get Real Colorado

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2 Responses to What they didn’t want to see last year

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I’m glad it turned out much better than I had predicted it would. Sandwiched in between two 12 hour night shifts, I just didn’t have the energy to go.

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    Right on…

    I was almost out the door when my mom drove up. She just got back from Texas.
    Then as soon as she left I came in to check on events, and couldn’t “ping” the site…

    Too freakish a thought.

    I have to ride to the store right quick. I saw on Mark’s site that Elizabeth is sick.

    In case I forget before I get back on the puter, Betray-us is now saying the Surge is a failure.

    I would say “surprise, surprise” but hey, all things considered, it IS a surprise.

    Theirs a couple of laughing comments that ‘ha ha, we used the pun first so now it’s off limits to the Right Wingers”

    Me likey very muchly.

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