Tibetans riot in China

Tibetans inhabit the poorest province of China, and the average income is only about $400 per year. The Tibetans are an oppressed minority in a capitalist China run by a single party, the very much corrupted Chinese Communist Party, and they occupy a terrain that is a gigantic part of China yet that is very sparsely populated. That makes them a perfect target for US and European manipulation, in the West’s war to marginalize China away from their own control of world power.

Many Western intellectual types are fond of Buddhism, which they see as a peaceful and nonviolent alternative to the dominant religion of their own countries, which is Christianity. They associate Tibet with Buddhism. They love the Dalai Lama, the leader of the Tibetan aristocracy in exile, who is also considered a spiritual Buddhist leader. These Western intellectuals think that all that is Tibetan relates somehow to their beliefs that non-violence is the only method to bring about change in the world, or to achieve inner peace.
However, the rioters in Tibet do not support much anything at all to do with that philosophy. These Buddhist monks and their supporters attacked stores, and burned cars in the streets. They rioted.

see… Dozens killed in Tibetan protests

This event had more in common with the LA riots than with any peaceful, supposedly non-violent religion. This was the action of not only an outraged ethnic grouping, but also a relgious grouping that thinks it is getting a raw deal from the dominant ethnic group. They probably are, but the Western governments are no more concerned about Tibetan welfare than they are about Albanian welfare.

Still, the US and European government see Tibet as a grand opportunity to manipulate Western opinion against Chinese nationalism, in favor of their own nationalisms. That is simply a fact.

See video of riots…. Cars burn in Tibet riots Hardly just ‘non-violence’ in action.

2 thoughts on “Tibetans riot in China

  1. Dalai Lama told BBC news that “There will be more deaths in Tibet, unless Beijing changed it’s policies towards Tibet”.

    Osama Bin Laden threatened US by saying “there will be more deaths, unless Washington changes it’s policies towards Mideast”.

    Sounds similar?

  2. I trully agree with the shock that the monks of all people who suppose to show the world their tolerance are not tolerance at all but hypocrites. I am disgusted that they should used such decietful method for their own gain. Very human indeed. Nothing great about their belief. Just a whole lot of opportunist. Atleast, the communist is brave enough to call themselves communist even if the whole world is against them. Where is you non violence the DL should have his noble prize strip from him!!!

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