Who’s a Constitution Voter?

marie-constitution-voterVisit the ACLU website to add your mugshot to the I’m a Constitution Voter drive. You’ll be standing up for civil liberties and the Police State can Photoshop your inevitable booking info unto the card you’re already holding. Perhaps “Constitution Voter” will constitute the charge against you.

eric-constitution-voterMe tu, Brute.

5 thoughts on “Who’s a Constitution Voter?

  1. Groups like the ACLU know more ways than I could ever imagine to covertly campaign for The Party, don’t they? Instead of campaigning for the Democrats they should be doing a thousand and one other actions to actually defend The Constitution from the Democrats and their Republican enablers.

    Gosh that was fun to reverse the usual order of who enables who, and who is enabled by who? Whoope, we’re all going to get to ‘participate’ soon in the selections! The ACLU really takes the cake for doing so little at all.

  2. Oh, Tony Tony. Does no one escape your wrath?
    The ACLU is not a partisan organization. Sooner or later EVERYONE will need them for something. Apparently your number hasn’t come up yet.

  3. Does anybody escape my wrath? Well certainly not the ACLU, Marie.

    Seeing Durland hugging Chief ‘Liars’ Myers, the Colorado Springs police propagandist, and watching the local ACLU limit and vet public questions at all their forums, and hiding themselves behind the American Flag draped all over the podiums at their events has kind of made be desire to stop giving them a blank check. At times they do- do some good, and other times they just make it look that in the US we have a country of real Law for the people, when it certainly is nothing like that at all. In short, I think they provide more makeup for The System than any real assist for the people that get hurt by it. Thats why the police are so willing to smile and hug your group.

  4. Gimics are gimics at surface value. Concepts are not. Eventually one is better to get beyond the group hug, the malignant quo, and roll the bowler hats. (Nice pix, btw.)

    Support the ACLU as well as Amnesty International.

    No concept of individualism, diversity, equality, or free speech could exist without protective groups like these two organizations. These organizations strive to protect all human life from cruelty, censorship, and oppressive politics.

    Or, for Tony’s sake, save some regards for PETA.

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