The Demon of Iran talks to Larry King

ahmadAfter all the US government propaganda about The Demon of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, it appears that this gentleman is much less a clutz and monster than all those lined up against the guy. That was the case in both his United Nations speech and on his appearance on the Larry King show shown in 6 parts on See for yourself.

While I have no delusions about the hidden side of Ahmadinejad, I have no delusions what-so-ever either about the motives of the Israeli and the US governments who only want war in the Middle East so that they can totally dominate all other peoples there. And also look at the pathetic examples of how all the American politicians and government political figures act as they shrill constantly demanding blood and war? They care nothing for the common people of any country whether it be the US, Israel, or Iran. Their blood thirst is the hideous face that our country presents to the rest of the world, and Ahmadinejad is next to nothing compared to that. A minor demon at best.

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