Would he do it all over again?

Khalil, My Brother, would you do it all over again? Khalil regrets toppling statue of Saddam

Now, let’s think of all those who pulled the lever for Bush and Cheney in 2000? Many would hardly today do it once again if given the choice. Most Russians would not support Gorbachev again, either. It seems it’s so very hard for many people of all nations to retrace their steps once again without regrets… so many un-seeing actions.

Humanity is often led astray by those with power, where the mob is then often led to do stupid things. We are about to see a mob form in the US for something being promoted as ‘Change’, yet one time more once again. Beware!

‘Change’ most often is the same stupid thing done again and again, over and over. The promise of change often leads to even worse. Khalil learned that the hard way.

Beware the mob celebrating ‘change’. We often time have horrible non-choices forced upon us, so beware the pretense of ‘Change’ forced from above. That type of ‘change’ can bring even worse. And it can even come as promise of a new day.

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