Neo-pregnant women

Controversy across the internet reigns, as Americans discuss whether it was a man or woman who got pregnant recently? As we know, the media has an incredible power to confuse us, and we have been titillated with the story of the supposed ‘first pregnant man’. Is he, or isn’t she?

Actually, I think that women that have kept their womb (I always liked that word!) intact while growing a beard and biceps DO MAKE the best mothers in America. I am hoping that this trend of the neo-pregnant women continues, so that instead of books that read, ‘I have two mommies’ or ‘Living with my two Dads’ we can begin to see published more interesting literature. Books like, ‘Who’s in bed with my mom if my mom isn’t?’ and ‘Why won’t the men open doors for my Mom?’ ‘Mom is at the tittie bar’, etc.

Maybe Oprah can discuss this some? Or Doctor Phil?

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