Y’all ever hear of Bobby Fuller?

[Private First Class LaVina Johnson] Raped, beaten, set on fire…
Y’all ever hear any new developments in the 46 year old case of Bobby Fuller, from El Paso Texas?

My brother went to school with a kid whose daddy was a Sheriff’s Deputy Homicide Detective.

Said HALF the homicides in El Paso County go unsolved.

I believe it. He also gave my brother advice on how to do it, steal a white van, pickup or sedan for the getaway, wear gloves, use a KMart special shotgun,(the ones that cost 79.99) standard off the shelf shells, kill the victim in his bathroom and leave…

Reason I believe it is the Jimmy Chagra assassination which took place in a High Security Office right across the parking lot from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department’s main entrance. By party or parties unknown.

Chagra would only have allowed one class of people into that office with guns.


Case unresolved after 30 years.

Bobby “I fought the law, and the Law won” Fuller, found dead in his car covered in Gasoline, and the coroner said “Death by natural causes”.

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