Americans still resist being called Nazis

Ward ChurchillAmericans still resist being told they are Nazis. LOL. Ward Churchill’s “little Eichmann” reference was made in 2001. You would think subsequent events have shown that Churchill was barking up the right towers.

A context which Churchill clarified at his Thursday night appearance, was that his initial argument had been that using our own DoD’s criteria for what qualifies as a legitimate military target (command and control, communication, intelligence, etc), the WTC was a fully appropriate target for those fighting US subjugation.

6 thoughts on “Americans still resist being called Nazis

  1. There is a reasonable case that Ward Churchill was improperly fired for reasons whose true motives were his political speech.

    I find it laughable that most Americans care what Ward Churchill, or any other individual speaking for no one other than himself, thinks of them, or the 9-11 victims.

    I also find it ridiculous to paint Americans in general, and the more or less random office workers in the WTC at the moment it was hit, with the broad stroke of being Nazis. Part of the international capitalist system, sure. But, while a small but powerful minority of government officials employed by George W. Bush may have at least metaphorically fit that bill, it is an apples and kumkuats comparison for the vast majority of Americans including the vast majority of its public officials.

  2. There is a vast ocean of Americans that are connected in the support system of the American Empire at work. They are cops, lawyers, judges, parole officers, factory workers for military production, soldiers, jailers, elected officials, propagandists of all forms, bankers, financiers, big shot stock holders, businessmen, directors and supervisors of businesses involved in exploiting other countries natural resources and finances, and the list just goes on and on and on. These are the people that Churchill referred to as the ‘little Eichmanns’ of the US Empire. They are the technicians who only care about the myriad details of their own jobs, and nothing about the larger picture of what their work actually helps accomplish. They don;t care about eh damage done to ‘The Others’.

    What is most often lost in Americans fallen into line with their elites’ self propaganda about somehow being victims of a grand plot against ‘Western Civilization’ and all the other rot, is that al qaeda attacked (or tried to attack) the Pentagon, The White House, and the main symbols of the American Business Establishment behind the war making of the Pentagon and White House, which was the Twin Towers. This was hardly an attack just hunting ad lib to murder down innocent civilians. That’s Ward Churchill’s ‘crime’ to have pointed all that out.

  3. It makes others weak in the stomach perhaps, but so what? In any case, he’s hardly Che Guevara though he has told the truth about The Empire, and that certainly got him into trouble. Compared to those cowards that have gone after him to get him fired for speaking up, he’s still a total saint.

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