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NY trial no threat for Guantanamo 5

Whatsa matter Mayor Giuliani? Are you afraid if the 9/11 suspects come to trial in NYC, that these 9/11 TRUTH fellows might turn up? It was your Ground Zero hero’s launchpad, this time it may be theirs. You and the … Continue reading

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Pioneering human shields since 9-11-01

Ward Churchill called them Little Eichmanns, but if that’s giving the World Trade Center workers too much credit, at minimum they were human shields, masking the Command & Control Center of America’s economic war machine.   The US military is … Continue reading

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Cheney and other Perverted Torture Freak Scum…

There’s a standard, a psychological finding used to determine when somebody is a serial killer, and determine whether he is worthy of the death penalty. The prosecution doesn’t actually NEED it in many cases, but they always do the testing … Continue reading

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Red, White, and Blue cowardice- These colors do run!

For years now, the majority of Americans have allowed their country’s leaders to murder, torture, and lie in their name, with hardly a protest against it. They allowed their Constitution to be defiled by remaining silent as their government held … Continue reading

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Still open season on Witch Churchill

DENVER- Ward Churchill’s saga is bigger than the persecution of a scholar who defies the master narrative, bigger than Native American contentions over how their victor writes its history, bigger than America’s First Amendment Freedom of Speech, it’s WHAT HE … Continue reading

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Corporate Murderers get away with it… AGAIN!!!

High Court Rejects Agent Orange Case -3/3/09 -Associated Press The other two suits were filed by U.S. veterans who got sick too late to claim a piece of the $180 million settlement with makers of the chemical in 1984. In … Continue reading

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Americans still resist being called Nazis

Americans still resist being told they are Nazis. LOL. Ward Churchill’s “little Eichmann” reference was made in 2001. You would think subsequent events have shown that Churchill was barking up the right towers.   A context which Churchill clarified at … Continue reading

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Ward Churchill: Some People Push Back

Here is Ward Churchill’s notorious 9/11 “Little Eichmanns” essay, published online September 12, 2001, presented here for archival purposes lest critics think they can silence one of our nation’s strongest dissenting voices. Churchill later expanded this piece into a book … Continue reading

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Chenega and Pentagon Tomahawk cruise missile penetration of the US Native American community

Most of us know about how the Pentagon has people like Generals Colin Powell and Ricardo Sanchez on board for its penetration into the Black and Hispanic populations. Nothing too new about trying to buy off and corrupt America’s minority … Continue reading

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Decreasing inventory Pentagon style

Super clearance sale! All bombs must be dropped by the end of this weekend! We are facing the arrival of new inventory and the old bombs must go! We got Al-Qaida this time! US drops 20 tons of bombs in … Continue reading

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