Antiwar COS -report from the front line

Colorado Springs Tejon Street Parade August 29, 2009COLO. SPRINGS- Well, that wasn’t so hard. Our message was warmly received by soldiers who shook our hand in the staging area, and afterward we were thanked by others for what we are trying to do. Antagonism came from the crowd, but not as fiercely as we’d braced ourselves for. Eight years of horror has taken the edge off the “these colors don’t run” mentality. Hence the military imperative for parades like these. Our antiwar presence was all the more important to show the soldiers that some at home are fighting to rescue them. The rest of the attendees were giving them a “welcome home” as they did in 2004, and will keep doing only to redeploy them. The soldiers need to see more real support: a determination to stop these wars.

Colorado Springs Tejon Street Parade August 29, 2009

Colorado Springs Tejon Street Parade August 29, 2009

Compatriots of ours were circulating along the sidewalk with this flier:

We ask that you consider the costs of war
as you take part in this celebration.

War kills people. War hurts people.
War kills animals. War destroys things.
War devastates the environment.

This parade is a propaganda exercise
promoted by those who profit from war.

The money spent on war could go to
making friends instead of enemies.
Many of us are mourning today not celebrating.

Colorado Springs Tejon Street Parade August 29, 2009
Note the “American Furniture Warehouse” is the most prominent part of that “thank you” handout.

Colorado Springs Tejon Street Parade August 29, 2009
This woman was trying to drown us out with cat whistles, until I took her picture.

More of our HEALTH CARE NOT WARFARE contingent stood further south on the corner, just out of frame.

Colorado Springs Tejon Street Parade August 29, 2009
Also not pictured:
and my banner backdrops WAR NO MORE and PEACE NOW.

Colorado Springs Tejon Street Parade August 29, 2009
A young group made threats and tried to crowd us out, until the police intervened.

We were most appreciative of the officers’ prompt interventions, although one officer’s method was hardly comforting. He told one young lady, in a voice for us to overhear: “I know. If it were my choice I’d rip them from the sidewalk, but they have a right to be here.” We took that more as an expression of sympathy than an attempt to intimidate us.

Colorado Springs Tejon Street Parade August 29, 2009
Five officers all told, protected us, from leaping unto the parade route.

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4 Responses to Antiwar COS -report from the front line

  1. Melissa Melissa says:

    [Received via]

    Why is it that all of your comment areas are closed on your little web site? Could it be that you are only interested in spouting your anti-soldier comments without having any input from the public? Do you fear what the people have to say to you? Very pathetic.

    Melissa S.
    U.S. Army Wife and Mother

  2. Eric Eric says:

    [Reply by email:]

    Dear Melissa,
    The Coloradans For Peace website is for organizing our actions, it is not a blog.

    You are welcome to express whatever sentiments you have at Not My Tribe. By the way, we are PRO-SOLDIER, we are trying to save them, we don’t want to “welcome them home” only to send them back into harm’s way.

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    You are far from being PRO-SOLDIER. If you were pro-soldier, you would NOT be holding protests that are targeted at Military Personnel, you would be protesting in D.C., or at your local Congressman’s office. Our soldiers are NOT responsible for the decisions that our political leaders have made in recent years….but I’m sure you already know that. You probably just find it easier to hold up a sign in the face of the very people who would sacrifice themselves in an instant to protect this country and its people rather than protesting in the face of the ones who actually make policy…and war.

    It seems to me you choose your “targets” based on how much publicity and notoriety you can garner for yourself, which tells me you’re really not all that interested in seeing a real change take place. Besides, the “welcome home” parade today was really for the spouses, children, and other family members that have been missing and praying for their loved ones for a year. If you were really Pro-Soldier, perhaps you could have respected that moment for them.

    “We “support the troops, not the war.” It’s the distinction between manslaughter and premeditated murder.”……..your own words. At least attempt to grow a pair by not claiming to be something you CLEARLY are not.

    “Cheers” to you too Eric,

  4. Eric Eric says:

    Our message today was directed at YOU, the families and public who support the war. YOU are responsible for feeding soldiers into the war machine.

    I’m sure you know already, there wouldn’t be wars or war crimes if YOUR soldiers weren’t going along.

    The soldiers are stuck. The antiwar movement will be their only hope. By the way, we do protest in DC and at our representatives’ offices also. Every opportunity to bring attention.

    We all have different ideas for bringing about a better world. Best of luck with yours.

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