bobcat lynx rufus spotted on Cheyenne MountainCOLO. SPRINGS- We’ve seen mule deer in the dozen, two bears wrestling, and fox triplets at play, but this was the first wild cat Marie had seen on Cheyenne Mountain. Did it escape the zoo? It’s a Bobcat, aka Lynx Rufus, halted momentarily for the camera. This cat stood 22 inches or so tall at the shoulders, with a paw print 2.5 inches wide, and moved with a stealthy nonchalance across the properties, but you could plot its progress by the loud consternation of the birds. Wildlife management was not alerted.

bobcat lynx rufus cheyenne mountain
Taking in the sun while waiting out the photographer.

bobcat lynx rufus hunting
Deciding on an alternate route.

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    there’s been sightings of a couple of them on the bicycle trail that runs north-south from Monument Creek to 21st street.

    The infamous “domistic-cat-and-dog-ivorous” Cougar hasn’t been back around in a year or so, at least on this side of its regular route.

    Maybe that’s what was keeping them distant before, not wanting to encroach on the run of a bigger, badder predator.

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